Negative impact of Google Glass-Attackers storm on the wearers

imageGoogle Glass went on sale for everyone yesterday in US and the deal has been closed by now.

Despite the technological advancement of the Google glass and the people’s enthusiasm were praised ,some folks attacked the people who wear  Google glass .

The human nature ,some times creates such behavioral traits and disorder . Technology enthusiast lives in their own world of technological thinking and gadgets ,they don’t mind the outer world that is far more back from their advancements . When the Bluetooth head sets for phones (by Nokia)was introduced ,I flew  to Singapore and bought one ,worn the earphone and used to talk over ,but the way people looked at me ,(“Hey see this big bossy ..he pretends like busy,,,, hey who is this crazy guy talking to himself?) made me to put my earphone away ,until everyone in my country started using it .

So the early adopters used to face such silly issues ,and Google glass wearers are not an exception ,it seems.

Google Glass and the fear of privacy

protest against Google Glass

“Google glasses are about to go in the garbage ,it is f…… interrupting the world and ,takes the privacy out …”  a street walker said to CNN.

Google Glasses and Privacy issues

Attacks on Google Glasses

There were instances of attacks on Google Glasses and the people who wear it . One Google employee also fall victim for the attack  recently .San Francisco ,the city mostly occupied by employees of technology companies  has the tension for months . The people of San Francisco accuses the tech workers for long time  ,who have increased the rentals and contributed to other prize hikes .

In this backdrop ,the new technology that Google offers ,make the people there to get angry on the device and the people wear it .


There are groups to protest such new technology in the name of privacy . People wearing Google Glasses are named as “Glassholes “ a new term to English .

Anti Glass Icons and Displays

A group of people concerning the privacy have raised their voice against Google Glasses and went on some interesting  move.

“A group calling itself Stop The Cyborgs offers free anti-glass icons and art on its site for businesses that want to notify customers the technology is not allowed. State and federal lawmakers have expressed privacy concerns about the technology and are, if you will, keeping an eye on it.” CNN

issues ,complains,concerns with Google Glass
Reasonable  Causes of the fear

The same people of America ,who supported all the smartphone advancements and new inventions time to time ,have mixed reactions on Google Glasses. Main reason is the camera inbuilt on the device ,and the possibility of recording others’ move ,it is quite unacceptable ,someone recording your activity without your permission ,and the inability of finding their activity in the glass .

What’s Good for GG(Yes,Google Glasses )

Educating the general public on the Google Glasses ,creating awareness of the purpose and the use ,and implementing a lighting  indicator to indicate recording images,like old days phone cams  (so the public will know ,if there are being captured or not )

Source – CNN,ZDNET

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