Apple iOS 6– Completely free from Google products


Everyone is trying to play smart ,in the space of technology . Samsung and Apple are having a tough time together now .Google is also not happy about the lawsuit filed by the apple against Samsung .

iOS had lot of Google services integrated  with it’s very first stage ,Steve Jobs publically declared “you can’t really think about the internet of course without thinking about Google" at the very unveiling event of first Apple phone .

But Apple started to work behind the scene ,to bring home groomed solutions instead of third party apps .I have written last year about the Apple’s workout on their own Map solution in another blog. Apple has completely came out from Google’s services in it new iOS 6 . No Google Maps, Google’s Youtube app also has been removed . The space for Google Search is only left now.

Apple has integrated lot of third party Chinese applications like Baidu, Youku, Tudou and Sina Weibo in order to tackle the huge Chinese market .

I hope you guys clearly know the motive behind the elimination of Google-products from iOS 6 – Yes Google’s Android and the buzz it created  !

Source – Macstories

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