PCworld India – reviews Nokia 701 positivly


Nokia’s biggest flop in recent times was the failure of it’s Symbian platform. Nokia has taken Windows Phone as their smartphone O/S ,and the first Window phones from Nokia has been released(Lumia  800 and Nokia Lumia 710) . Lot of bloggers (including myself )wrote about Symbian platform fed up and moved to do some other useful things online . In this juncture the famous Tech Magazine PC World (Indian Edition )wrote a review about Nokia 701 ,and appreciates the Symbian Belle operating system .

Lots of Symbian tech blogs like Allaboutsymbian.com wrote about the positive review appeared in PCworld and sharing the pleasure . I would say that “No Way” ,this is the time to stop buying Symbian powered smartphones ,already the developments for Symbian platform has been stopped worldwide ,Nokia officially says to support the Symbian O/S until 2016 . But  this is the time to upgrade your Symbian phones to some other decent platforms .

I would tell you about the platform I use now shortly.

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