Nokia Maps empowers Oracle–new deal !

Nokia is the only map data provider  for Oracle applications


Oracle has signed an agreement with Nokia to use Nokia Maps in their platform,Nokia revealed this in a press release via email.With this new deal , Oracle’s Fusion Middleware MapViewer ,has been linked with Nokia Location Platform (NLP). Nokia maps cover almost more than 200 countries ,that will empower oracle developers to create more reliable location aware applications and solutions .

Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer is a J2EE service for rendering maps and creating mashups using spatial data. Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer provides services and tools that hide the complexity of spatial data queries and cartographic rendering, while providing customizable options for more advanced users such as developers of geographic business analytic applications. The integration of NLP allows users to easily include Nokia’s map data into their Oracle business application- Press Release ,Nokia.

About Nokia `s Location & Commerce Business
Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. The company’s Location & Commerce business, including NAVTEQ® Maps products, the Nokia Location Platform as well as Nokia Maps, aims to build and monetize unique location experiences for great mobile products, as well as the navigation industry, the automotive market and government and business solutions. Begin to explore our capabilities at

Nokia has great potential of patents and home groom solutions like Nokia Maps ,that will become to the survival of the company ,if the most anticipated Nokia Lumia 920 fails in the market .

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