Nokia is about to rethink it’s strategy

As lot of bloggers including myself predicted in the past ,Nokia is about to rethink about it’s business relationship with Microsoft . Nokia has lost a huge amount of it’s loyal fans from the time of merger with Microsoft- and new Windows Phone deal .

Nokia adopts Android ?

In the recent interview aired on a Finnish TV, Risto Siilasmaa, a member of the Nokia board of directors, said that  company has " a backup plan" if Windows Phone 8 fails. And the rumor mill started to tell that is Android.


GSM Arena reported that the Nokia’s board member Siilasmaa spoke about Android as the second choice if WP fails. But Nokia immediately refused about the news and clarified .


Update: Nokia got in touch with us and it turns out the interview was wrongly interpreted. When asked what the company’s backup plan was, Nokia’s chairman hasn’t explicitly stated that Android is in it. Here’s the exact quote: "[…] like any responsible board, we must be prepared for alternatives, but that is not our focus today […]". –

Nokia doesn’t seem to have a clear vision on it’s mobile strategy anyway

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