Is Nokia a loser ? Sadly fading out in Nokia’s own town

A Market research firm called IDC reported that Nokia’s market share in Finland have been fallen bye more than 50 percent in a year . This mobile phone sales of Finland  is compared with the figures of July-September 2010 and July-September 2011.

Nokia started to lose the strong fan base from the day of their Windows Phone announcement on February 2011. Nokia had taken a historical decision on that day , and it is a try to come out from their burning platform indeed . Nokia have released their very first Windows Phones recently ,by the names of Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 .


However the sales report currently coming out showing a massive fall in the Nokia’s market share ,even in it’s own country ,Finland. Finnish people were proud of Nokia for some time and they are very supportive to Nokia’s every move .But like most of other fans (including myself )Finnish reject Nokia’s new platform .

As per the report ,Samsung grown drastically from 3% to 25% and while Nokia fall down from 76% to 31% that’s means Nokia lost about half of their share in Finland .

Apple has grown from 10% to 16% percent while Sony Ericcson remains unchanged in it’s share of 11% .

We should bear in mind that Finland is not a big market for Nokia,just about 5 million people live there ,but if you know that there was about 90% share to Nokia few years back until Apple iPhone penetrated the market,and that is now about 31% means ,it reflects the strategy failure of Nokia  .

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