But Nokia is not doing well with Windows Phone–reports say

Nokia have lost it’s passionate users ,after moving to the Windows Phone . Nokia’s failure of it’s vision made the company to collapse as it is today.

Nokia Lumia 800 sales figure www.teckdiary.com

Nokia strongly believed that the Windows Phone will come to the survival of their smart phone business . But the results coming around ,are not good .

Only 2.2 Percent intend to buy Nokia Lumia 800 !

A survey conducted by Exane BNP Paribas reveals only 2.2 percent of people participated in the  survey express their desire to buy one Windows Phone from Nokia.The survey has been conducted in the European markets where Nokia Lumia 800 is currently available .

Nokia Lumia 800 – Nothing to  excite about

Windows Phone is nothing new to the market as there are lot of models available from the rivals like Samsung,HTC and so on. Nokia’s failure to create the excitement about the Lumia 800 is the cause for the number of sales,that went down.

Even Nokia N8 has some out standing features like it’s stunning 12 Mega pixel camera and gained a sales figure of 3.5 Million in the first quarter of sales .But the Lumia  seems  to come not even closer to this figures.

“With only 2.2 per cent of surveyed buyers firmly intending to purchase the Lumia,” analyst Alexander Peterc wrote, ”Nokia’s first flagship Windows Phone is … far behind the current blockbusters, Apple’s iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy S II.” The new Lumia is in fact expected to under-perform in relation to Nokia’s last high-profile mainstream device, the 12-megapixel N8. That, Peterc highlights, sold between 3.5m and 4m in its first quarter.”- Slashgear.com

In a reply to the blog post of Slashgear.com Nokia said:

“We have only started our journey to regain smartphone leadership, but we are pleased with the early results. The Lumia 800 is getting good traction in all six European markets where it has already launched. Initial feedback from India, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan — where the Lumia 800 starting selling this week — has been very encouraging”



Source : Slashgear.com ,Times of India.

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