Android Phones are leading the way– reports

What shall be your next smart phone platform ?

Android is TeckDiary’s Editor’s choice .


No doubt ,Apple iOS has a major share among the mobile operating systems but apparently Android is booming very fast .If you plan your next device for this holidays and if you don’t have any idea about the Mobile Operating System you want to choose ,this post may help you a little.

Apple iOS comes second in my list albeit the higher number of devices being used currently, for it’s closed nature and Phone’s hardware specs . The monopoly leads to offer the services on their time of convince (they are not like that  really )(Since I am not living in USA ,I am not considering Apple iOS as the services supporting Apple are not available in my country in order to enjoy the iOS )And the screen size of iPhones are not enough for today’s multimedia needs .

Symbian is a dead platform and needless to talk about.

Windows Phone is struggling hard to gain a stable position in the market for years,and not secured anything reasonable yet.

But Android has a dramatic growth last year and still ,remaining as the major mobile operating system among the mobile internet users. When I used the Android 1 and 1.5 (Cupcake)  it was a crappy Operating System,I thought ,but Google patiently groomed and today it is perfect for everything . Stylish ,fast and very open to everyone . With the arrival of Android 4 and variants – Ice Cream Sandwich it is going to be my sweet darling ever .(l hoping to get the update to my Galaxy SII soon)

The current ratio of the usage of O/S  measured from the internet users by is given bellow , there is a remarkable fall in the Number of Android users between Novbember 2011 and October 2011 ,but it may due to various reasons ,unclear now.

android's market share,windows phonhe market share

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