Which could be your next Smart Phone ? Android/Apple/Windows ?

What phone could be in your hands in 2012 ?

There are lot of arguments going on, at homes about the next purchase of the Smart Phone ,as this is the season of the year .US and UK are two of the hottest markets for smartphone business ever. All vendors are fully armed with their marketing programs to attract more customers .

google galaxy nexus

I personally use Android Phones for more than a year ,and I was a Nokia addict for quite some time ,but not now for sure.I have used Apple iPhones too.

Here are some personal insights about the smart phones ,that could contribute in your decision making this year . Firstly I am simply ignoring Nokia from the list as it doesn’t have any innovative phones at the moment and secondly Windows phone,that did not create any great impact in the market for decades and yet not ready to compete with . Windows Phone  is just surviving  ,that’s all.

Now the great war is going between iOS and Android ,from my perception

Apple iPhone4S Vs Android Phones (May be Samsung Nexus /Galaxy SII )


which could be your next smart phone ?

The hottest Apple phone in the market is iPhone4S and it is running iOS-5 ,valuable and useful iCloud service  and have one 8 Mega Pixel Camera. iPhone runs on a Dual Core processor,offering you a faster UI experience ever .

Most of the Android Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII,Google Galaxy Nexus too have dual core processor ,hi speed UI ,and 8 Meg Cameras , From the people I’ve interviewed ,the votes go  for iPhone4S’s camera and the camera UI. 

The Camera on the iPhone4S is one of the best cameras  available in mobile phones. If you want a stunning camera phone ,you would go for iPhone no doubt. iCloud is there to save all of your contents in the web cloud storage ,sharing the contents between PC environment and the phone is more easier now .

Apple  Vs Android – User Interface

Apple’s O/S is perfect and almost the same for years(say “outdated” ),fast and initiative ,but if you are not getting bored soon for doing repeated things ,it can be interesting . But Android phones used to have frequent updates and the UI is growing very faster with hotter features and numerous custom Firmware. Lot of  custom ROMs are available for Android than Apple(Rooting and hacking is much easier and permitted indirectly )

Apple Vs Android – Connectivity

Network and Connectivity (wi-fi,Bluetooth etc )wise ,Apple is doing little bit lower comparing with Android based phones like Samsung Galaxy SII ,and Nexus .If you want to enjoy a LTE 4G connection ,you definitely should go for Samsung Galaxy SII/Nexus or something else with Android .Apple is infamous for it’s connectivity ,I guess you know it .

Apps – Apple Vs Android

No doubt Android got  enough in the market now ,but Apple is leading in the number  of apps at the moment. Apple is little bit matured ,and has more useful apps than Android does.

Voice Recognition -Apple Vs Android

Apple4S got a feature called “Siri” and Android have it for long time ,the voice recognition technology helps you to control your phone and text in your phone. From my point of view in certain conditions only ,voice recognition works perfectly in any phone .And you cannot be depended on it as a life saver . Both types of phones are doing pretty much same.

Screen Size -Apple Vs Android

No doubt Android phones got bigger screen and brighter colours

Conclusion :

Apple iPhoneS is a very good phone for everyone ,but for a little bit advanced user or person who likes exploring new things more frequently ,the Android might give more satisfaction  ,so it depends on who you are !

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