Should you buy Microsoft’s RT tablets ?

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Full Review
[Image –Techcrunch]

The answer is  , simple as “No”

The software giant-Microsoft is about to release the next big thing to the masses on the 26th of October 2012. There are mixed up waves of expectations.People like me are waiting for Windows 8 and some people are eagerly waiting to know more about the RT Tablets with Windows 8 from MS.

Luckily Techcrunch has done a good job by providing us lot of information about the upcoming Surface RT Tablets .

Microsoft continuously fails to understand the concept of  mobile computing and the expectations of the users . The Windows Phone is a failure product from the company. No matter how big they are ,they could not get the WP on the top of the market for many years. Likewise now the Tablet concept also seems to be a failure . Microsoft RT Tablets are over sized ,chunky and the Operating system inside is not matured yet. You don’t have enough apps to use in your RT Tablets ,and technically it is hard to get more soon (The software codes of the famous existing apps should be re written for the processor running in the RT Tabs)

Want to know more about the RT Tablets ,just read the full review at Techcrunch

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