Apps for Windows Phone grow–hit 50,000 ,and so what ?

windows phone apps figures in 2011

Windows Phone has achieved a remarkable number of apps in it’s application store recently , it is marked as passing 50,000 apps by now . If you are a Windows Phone fan boy(probably hard to find one ) ,you may want to say “hurray” ,but from experts’ point of view ,the number of the apps doesn’t matter anyway.

Reportedly ,more than 6,000 apps are found crappy and already removed from the Windows apps store either by Microsoft or the developers themselves .

But there are some interesting figures to note . Apple’s App store reached it’s first 50,000 apps within 12 months of it’s launch . Windows Phone gained this position within 14 months . Google’s Android matured to 50,000 apps in it’s marketplace within 19 months. When you see this figures ,you may think that Windows Phone is growing very faster in the market now. But I can predict that the growth of WP won’t be that much big like Android and Apple in near future,just have a look at this chart .



Image Credit : Android Police

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