List of complains about Kindle Fire

Feedback for a buying decision –Kindle Fire


It is hot on the market now ,but ,is it really worth buying ?

If you plan a gift for your love ones ,specially for your kids in this Christmas season ,you may consider buying a Tablet as a education tool. The attractive price of 199 USD may be a key factor ,that drag you towards Amazon’s Kindle Fire .

bug list of kindle fire at

We saw some drawback of Kindle Fire already at  last week.

After thousands of complains Amazon is heading over to a quick firmware update in order to minimize the bugs  .

Let’s see what are the issues people having with Kindle Fire as per the feedbacks found online.


Bugs List of Kindle Fire


  • Pretty small in size  to use the controls on screen ,which leads to frequent tap errors and accidental activation
  • Web Experience on Kindle fire : Viewing the desktop web sites are too difficult on it ,you need to set the web browser on Kindle to mobile browsing mode.(horrible to the years of WAP)
  • One Click Buying : One you have added your account details of ,you don’t need to use any passwords for repeat purchases ,it means the Kindle fire itself a credit card ,if your kid try to buy something it is immediate and in case you lost it ,you are gone ,but there is a fix coming soon.
  • Poorly designed volume control (soft control ) makes you hard to set the volume levels
  • Screen updates are too slow ,you hardly get a thing there faster.
  • Sluggish old User Interface ,sucks …

Zdnet-Uk went on saying a small story “ One poor guy spent several minutes trying to log in to Facebook, but was repeatedly foiled by accidentally touching the wrong field or button — this on a page with only 2 text fields and 1 button.”


What do you really think ?

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