LCD TV or LED TV which is better ?

difference between lcd and led
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When I thought to buy a TV ,I just went to the shop and have chosen a 40’’ LCD TV ,without any studies or market surveys .But thought to have one after installing the TV at home for some reason.

What is the key difference between LCD and LED displays/TVs

Nothing much dear friends !


Basically both are LCD TVs . LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display ,and the so called LED TVs too use LCD panels (pictures are not coming from LEDs) on them ,the only different is the the back light used on the displays .

LCD units use  CCFL backlight (Something like a tube light ) While LCD(LED powered) uses LEDs for backlight .

This table shows the differences between LCD and LED TVs


LCD  TV(CCFL backlight) LED TV(LED backlight )
Just Little bit lower in comparing to this specs(in the right column ) like …more power consumption,lessor brightness..etc.. Thinner panel, lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, a brighter display, and better contrast levels

LCD ,LED based LCD and Plasma TV compared –Video

Conclusion :
LED powered LCD is little bit better than traditional LCD displays (TV or Computer Monitors) LED TV can display the black colour  more clearly .Definitely LED TV’s picture quality is better than LCD Traditional TV.

But ,if the price difference between the LCD and the LED powered LCD is not bigger in your country (here in my country it is very big)better to go for LED-LCD . But if you still go for a LCD TV ,you are not going to miss much !

I am happy with my LCD TV while I use the LED panel in my office ,I can’t see the differences between both !

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