A Stylish Wireless Speaker for iPhone and iPad from Marmitek


iphone wireless speaker


Now you can hear the music from your iPhone and iPads via a stylish and compact  wireless speaker .

This Wireless speaker (model BoomBoom 152) is as little as a coffee cup and connects to your iPhone or iPad via  Bluetooth .You can enjoy music from 4 to 8 hours after a full charge . The sound quality of this speaker should be good as the company has a long history of producing quality gadgets .


BoomBoom 152 Specs


  • Enjoy the music, stored on your iPhone/iPad, with friends.
  • Equip your iPhone/iPad with top quality speakers without cables.
  • Enjoy the music, films and games on your iPhone/iPad with friends.
  • Two top quality drivers with a bass tube on the underside for a full stereo sound.
  • Small, compact and completely portable thanks to the rechargeable battery that gives you over 8 hours of listening pleasure.
  • With extra aux-input for use with MP3 players without Bluetooth.
  • Easy to use and therefore a cheap alternative to Apple Airplay.

Since I don’t have any Apple product with me at the moment ,let me know your experiences about BoomBoom 152 if you own one !


Visit Marmitek’s web site for more details.

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