New Wireless Pacemaker–Your heart is more safer now !


wireless pacemaker


Pacemaker is a device ,that is directly connected to the heart vein via a small wire in order to make the heart beat properly in heart patients (Main portion of the device is fixed out side ,on the chest ). In case of failure of the pacemaker leads or connections ,the patient has to go through a surgery to replace the pace maker components inside the heart.

Today’s technology has brought a wireless pacemaker ,that produces ultra sound waves and makes the small gadget implemented inside the heart to work by producing electricity from the Ultra sound waves.


This technology is named Wireless Cardiac Stimulation. A company called EBR Systems has developed this technology and the product is under trial on humans.


The WiCS® Wireless Cardiac Stimulation technology was developed by EBR Systems to address the significant opportunity to eliminate cardiac pacing leads, historically a major source of complications and reliability issues.

Our initial product application focuses on the important underserved need in the heart failure population.  This population is underpenetrated by Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), despite numerous clinical trials illustrating these therapies benefits.  Part of the reason for low penetration is the complexity of the procedure; the complications associated with coronary sinus leads used to pace the LV, and continued non-responder rates of approximately 30% despite advances in LV lead technology. “ EBR Systems.


Hope ,this WiCS will bring some better times to the hear patients !

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