Sony Ericsson Xperia gives you a Plenty of Free Storage on Cloud.

free 50 gb storage on

Get 50GB free cloud storage on your account for life.


There are lots of free gifts available in this season for Tech-Freaks. Sony Ericsson and jointly offer you 50 GB of free cloud storage  as Christmas Gift.But you should have a Xperia™ X10 device to get this.

How to get the free 50 GB on ?

If you have an Xperia™ X10 or higher Xperia Smartphone ,you are qualified to get the free service, Sony says . follow the following steps to claim your free storage now.



  1. Just go to the Android market in your phone
  2. Download and install Box Application
  3. Start the App and enter your existing user name and password ,if you don’t have one ,just create there.that’s it


  • But ,you have to do this all  before December 31st 2012 from your Xperia Handset ,
  • Now you have 50 GB of free cloud space to store your documents for life time
  • (you can use this account from any device later ,you need xperia to create one only )


Xperia™ X10 – from now and until December 31st 2012, you will be able to get a massive 50GB of free cloud storage and sharing from Box. This means that as an Xperia user, you will be able to store, retrieve and edit files you upload to Box through your smartphone, which thanks to Box’s clever synchronisation service will be also available across any device you choose to access your Box account from.-Sony Ericsson Blog

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