Samsung offers 1080 pixel display on flagship phone

Samsung 1080 pix Galaxy SIV/S4 Display ?

A good news surfaces on the web, for the folks who like to have more pixel density on their phones. Samsung plans to demonstrate their next big thing (Apple !, please don’t file a patent case for this wording ),suppose to be the Samsung Galaxy S IV(S4) . It is rumored ,that Samsung may demonstrate the hi end ,1080 pix display in the CES-2013 ,that should take place in January 2013.

Korean newspaper Aisae reports that Samsung has developed a 4.99-inch 1080p display that is said to be used in the company’s rumored Galaxy S IV handset. The display is expected to enter the production stage sometime in Q1 2013, and will be on showcase at CES 2013. The display is said to have a pixel density of 441ppi, which just beats HTC’s DRIOD DNA by one pixel. –Slashgear

As per the unconfirmed news surfacing,the new display will have 441 Pixels density (per inch) and you will have the most eye catching images on it  .

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