Rapid charger–30 seconds mobile phone charging

The drawback of having a smartphone is ,its worst battery lasting time . Most of the modern smart phones last only half a day and start to give the annoying battery low signals .

30 seconds super fast charger for mobiel phones

An Israeli  company called StoreDot had announced that they have invented a rapid charger technology ,that can charge your mobile phone battery from 0% to 100% within just 30 seconds. The following video illustrates their invention .

Above video shows you a super fast charging time of 30 seconds achieved by the StoreDot charger  on S4 with it’s standard battery .

StoreDot also considering creating green batteries  ,so that  the combination of the compatible battery and the charger will be more viable solution technically and ethically .  The size of the batteries and the technology used ,helps to get charged in seconds.

quickly chargable sotre-dot-nano green technology battery for mobile phones

“StoreDot’s technology for energy storage can be applied in batteries for mobile devices, providing a sustainable solution that can replace lithium-ion batteries. Due to the size of StoreDot nanodots, the electrode capacitance is increased, resulting in next-generation batteries and super-capacitors that can be fully charged in minutes rather than hours. “-StoreDot.

The superfast charging time was achieved using technology StoreDot has been developing. This includes biological semiconductors made from naturally occurring organic compounds known as peptides – short chains of amino acids – which are the building blocks of proteins. Similar to those used by body builders to grow bigger faster.

StoreDot forecasts the availability of  commercial units of its fast charger in 2016. The size of the charger will be reduced and the expected price of a unit shall be double of a normal mobile charger .(Still affordable …)


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