People say ,not interested in iPhone 5 ,Poll reveals !

Reports coming from  blogosphere  are not in favour to iPhone 5 .

Apple have a great hope on the sales of it’s  new device iPhone5 but it seems that most of the people are not much interested after understanding the features as there are lesser room for excitement . Particularly the tech survey users ,show their less interest on the purchase of new iPhone 5. the online magazine from silicon Valley ,running a poll about the iPhone 5 ,and the number of people interested and disinterested are shown here (up to the time of this post ,the poll is running about two days now )

iphone 5 poll answered

Out of 387 people voted, only 80 people opted to buy iPhone 5 and the vast majority refuses to go for iPhone . This is because of the less attractive feature set it has . is a hi-tech magazine where the readers are mostly  developers,IT support personals,  market analysts , entrepreneurs around the valley . Not the masses ,but the people from the tech industry and advanced users show hesitation on iPhone 5 . But the market is not built by all Geeks indeed !

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