Motorola is offering you a phone with Edge to Edge Display–Total Screen as front panel !


Standing out from the highly crowded mobile phone industry needs lot of techniques ,people are  trying to show them unique ,Motorola is about to reveal a mobile phone it has a huge screen without any bezels . According to Bloomburg, You will have a huge screen as a whole of the front panel of the phone . Motorola Mobility –the mobile phone division of Motorola has been purchased by Google Inc and  is   a part of Google’s business  now. As Google wanted to strengthen the Android operating system and    hold patents invented by Motorola on it’s Android eco system ,the move has been taken place .


Google is planning to bank the mobile phone market with it’s very first phone from it’s mobile division ,apart from the edge to edge screen ,the upcoming device is believed to have location based multi tasking abilities ,which is no clear at this moment.


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