Losing Privacy on WhatsApp – You too Brutus ?

At Teckdiary we have already written many articles on privacy issues of  internet and exposed how the personal information is being used by internet giants and many governments .

WhatsApp user privacy data

Most of the services offered from USA like Google’s search,Gmail,Drive and Hotmail ,Yahoo etc collecting your personal information and sharing it with government agencies  in the name of national security .

In a  recent interview , creator of WhatsApp ,Mr.Koum said that his application never collects user data and he hates peeping into others’ personal life .

But ,it seems everything has changed overnight after Facebook has purchased WhatsApp recently and it’s millions of users have lost their privacy completely ..

The dashboard appears online shows ,how can the owners of WhatsApp can  get the data of users  . WhatsApp studies users interests ,Political views,message sharing times ,and more..

Topics discussed on WhatsApp

What messages users share in WhatsApp

Political Views of the WhatsApp users .

Political views of whatsapp users

View some  further interesting  data on this link

It is obvious ,you don’t have privacy online anymore .

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