Kindle Fire gets a software update ,be patient until then…

Amazon’s Kindle Fire ,the budget tablet is getting a firmware update shortly ,Amazon confirms .

Amazon kindle fire bug fixed now

There were so many complains about the bugs found in the browser of Kindle Fire. There are issues in the quality of the viewing angle of images and so on.

I have written  about this satisfaction level already ,but now the complains are so much to hear. tells that it will fix all the errors being reported shortly with a firmware release within two weeks of time .

So for those who have issues with Kindle Fire ,my message is .don’t panic there will be a solution shortly !

One of my teachers in University used to tell us  ”If you pay more you lose the money but get the product ,but If you pay less than the market value ,you lose the money and the product too” I guess he is quite right !

If you have a Kindle Fire ,why don’t you share your experiences with us here .

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