iPhone 5 Owners – Why your lightning cable is more valuable ?

Apple's lightning cable -pc mac connector

Want a Duplicate Lightning Cable ? No chance !

Apple has introduced a new type of cable to connect the iPhone 5 and the Desktop computers ,called lightning cable. As usual Apple has developed this cable with the maximum protection from being copied . So that, you won’t get any third party cheaper lightning cable for your Apple devices . One good guy able to  open up the lightning cable connector and found a protecting chip inside ,that controls the connection between devices ,so that it is hard to others to produce the chip with the same coding in order to create a duplicate cable.

protection chip inside the apple's lightning cable
[This is the chip inside the lightning cable]

So dudes ! keep your lightning cable unbroken

Apple’s original (no way ! )lightning cable costs about $19 ,and at  the moment ,there are no stocks available at Apple. Keeping your current lightning cable is the better idea ,other than looking for a replacement cable  that consumes some money and extra time.

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