Galaxy S III (S3)- Top 7 features I love –Things you can do better here !

I specially dedicate this guide  to my friends who used to ask me “Should I go for Samsung Galaxy S3 now ?”  . And If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and wondering what are the things you can do with the new handset ,yes this   small guide may useful for you too.

Samsung Galaxy S3 top ten features ,top ten tricks

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Top 7 tips/Feature list

  1. Samsung S Voice – Voice commands in a new way

Samsung Galaxy S3 S-voice commands

With S Voice, you can tell GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes so you can snooze a bit more. You can also answer or reject a call, turn the music volume up or down, and even tell the camera when to shoot.

2.     Social Tag within your gallery images

Now you can tag your friends from your gallery with their social network profiles .This feature lets you   link the faces of the photos you have in the mobile with their facebook ,twitter and other famous social network pages . Once  you have setup the the Social Tag ,then your friends’ online status will appear on the photos ,interesting !


[Samsung Social Tag in action within Galaxy S3]

3.  Direct Call – Galaxy S3

Direct Call is another unique feature introduced in Galaxy S3. When you  type a test message (SMS) ,if you wish to call the very same person ,just lift the phone up and keep near your ear ,phone will automatically call the person you have started creating sms. This feature can set on /off at the sensor settings .

Samsung Direct call on Galaxy S3 demo

4.   Smart Stay

I love this feature very much as I read a lot on my Samsung Galaxy device ,I used to face the screen timeout issue while reading and used to tap my finger periodically  in order to keep the display active.  The hassle has gone with intuitive step taken .Smart stay is a feature ,that watches you eyes position and understand you read something on the screen ,so it keeps the phone from going dark until you take you eyes from the screen. Read anything any longer .

Smart stay feature explained -S3

5.   Smart Alert

Samsung galaxy s3  will vibrate once in order to remind you about any missed events like missed calls ,sms,calendar entries etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if it give you a vibe !

Smart Alert samsung galaxy s3

6.   Pop Up Play

Computer like multi tasking is possible with Galaxy S3(Galaxy Note 2) and other hi end devices now. Galaxy S3 allows you to keep a video live on the screen where you type email ,or create a text message etc. This feature is called Pop up Play . But I wonder how it is possible to concentrate on both for human beings Smile 

samsung galaxy s3 pop up play demo

[You can watch HD video while sending an email or text simultaneously on a Galaxy S3 device]

7.  Best Photo

Samsung Galaxy allows you to take 8 shots of a scene continuously and later you can choose the best from it .


Samsung Galaxy S3 still owns a lot of features ,but from my point of view these are the best and unique features it has and making it to  lead  the smartphone market one more time (S2>>S3)

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