Is Kindle Fire on fire ?


Amazon Kindle Fire usd 199 tablet

I thought to share this for early adopters like me ,to have a second thought before buy a Kindle Fire .

Initially Apple had boosted the Tablet market by the creative iPads and apps. Now most of the other tech companies are offering various type of Tablets. Next to Apple ,Samsung is the successor in Tablet market ,but the recent announcements and advertisements from about their new Tablet called Kindle Fire ,have created a wave of curiosity and positive feedbacks before the release itself .

Key Fact for Kindle Fire’s pre –release  popularity

Kindle Fire is amazingly cheap as the price goes only 199 USD. A 7” Tablet for the price is worth ,initially people thought . As per the reports reach us Amazon is about to ship nearly 3.9 Million Kindle Fire in the Q4 of 2011 that is enough to gain the second position ,next to iPad in the market in number of devices sold .

The Kindle Fire looks like a bona fide hit right out of the gate. New estimates from IHS iSuppli have Amazon shipping 3.9 million Kindle Fires this quarter, which would make it the No. 2 tablet after the iPad 2 (with an estimated 18.6 million shipments). The Kindle Fire will become the No. 1 Android tablet by a wide margin (the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the next biggest, with an estimated 1.4 million shipments).-Techcrunch


Feedback from Kindle Fire Owners



In this juncture ,a noticeable percentage of  the feedbacks of the new Kindle Fire owners are not that much impressive really ,even on’s Kindle Fire review pages. IF you read the 4 star and 5 star reviews ,you will understand  the price of this product is the only one amazing factor for them.

Kindle Fire Cutomer Reviews
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Numbers of the Kindle Fire Tabs returned ?

Don’t see the sales figures only ,just see the number of returns to estimate the success rate of Kindle Fire .

Fortune-tech a blog, part of CNN.Net reports the numbers of Kindle Fire are being returned based on the feedbacks available online at

Estimates Numbers in Millions
No of KF be shipped 3.9
No of Returns 0.5


Total disappointment 773 of 967 people found the review helpful
Does not open previously purchased Kindle Books 489 of 614 found helpful
FRAUD on the Fire!! Deregister yours before it ships! 952 of 1,200 found helpful
Content in the Cloud. Forget it. 417 of 524 found helpful
I really wanted to like it – but it is not for me 350 of 446 found helpful
Very Dissapointed with Kindle Fire and Customer Service 190 of 241 found helpful
Using the Fire is frustrating and unpleasant experience 48 of 59 found helpful
Very Disappointed 259 of 332 found helpful
Open letter to Jeff Bezos 41 of 50 found helpful
Returned the Kindle Fire after only one day 166 of 215 found helpful

Eight of these 10 customers stated explicitly that they were returning their Kindle Fires, and a ninth sounded like he already had.

Using 90% of the 13.3% one-star reviews as rough measure, this suggests that nearly half a million of the estimated 3.9 million Kindles to be shipped this quarter will be returned.- Fortune Tech


Verdict :

It is too early to predict the plight of the Kindle Fire ,and it is too much if you compare Kindle Fire with Apple iPad or Samsung Tablets as those are premium products ,while KF is a startup for users ,who are new to tablets . But no doubt it is a better upgrade for the users of E-readers as it does more than an e-reader .

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