Do you think Facebook dominates the mobile users ? But it is not the case in USA .

Social meida trends in 2014 at

Most of us tend to believe that Facebook is the leading social network site in the mobile platforms . The popularity of Facebook is an obvious truth .But there are other social media growing faster and acquired  certain amount of users within short time span,even overtaking FB’s domination .

The following stats by Mashable Statistics suggests you some interesting facts .

Social media trends in 2014

There are obvious reasons for the domination of the two picture saving social media ,Instagram and Printerest on mobile platform . Yes ,you have guessed correctly , since mobile phones are integrated with cameras ,taking and sharing pictures have became more easier and practical at any moment .

Most of the people using mobile for time killing activities like games , photo sharing etc .

Twitter use is about 68% ,that is because twittering requires only few characters of text by nature and putting  short messages as updates is a passion there . Even following and get the updates also cool on a mobile . Twitter considered to be used mostly by adults and professionals ,the phones should be hi end devices with good data plans .

Facebook Is used by a big range of age groups . Certain amount of teens mostly use home computers ,laptops to log into the Facebook ,while there are equally massive crowd using it on Mobiles .  Nowadays even a person  use web services almost in many devices like PCs,Mobiles,Tablets

Tumblr is widely used by people who read a lot ,of course big screens help them to read well. LinkedIn is professionals’ network ,mostly they are on the service  when they are working on their office or personal computers it seems .

However ,the facts about the social media use in USA give some more interesting insights  .

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