Are all the fans on Facebook pages real ?

Fake likes on FAcebook

In a  recent study  I have done for a master degree ,I have taken Facebook marketing and it’s impact on SMEs in a small Asian country. Due to the nature of the study  ,I don’t share all the information here in a public domain ,but  found some interesting facts ,that  ,I thought ought to be shared .

The company X -one of the companies taken for the study  had around 60,000 fans on Facebook. Over 95% of the fans have been acquired  via advertisements on Facebook(sponsored stories,suggested page ).

The company involved in providing private higher education . But the number of people read the posts were  only  5%-6% always.  The post engagement such as likes,comments,shares are bellow 1% . It is totally unacceptable . This scenario is not only for this company ,I have got the similar results for almost all the companies (96) I have taken to study.

Organic growth of the fan page seems to be more effective rather than buying instant likes from Facebook advertisements . When I have studied a small company’s fan page ,that had only 560 fans ,the post engagement was over 17% and percentage of the people reading the posts was about 47% .

There are many people ,who click ‘like’  on every fan page ad they see , the percentage of this types of people is not measured in this study ,even though it cannot be the sole reason . There are chances to believe ,whether Facebook paves a way to get fake likes from fake people from click farms .As the study I have done showing a clear trend of less interest shown by fans of Facebook pages ,I have googled to find out further and got some interesting reports that supports few of my findings correct.

There are plenty of complaints today raised on fake likes of  Facebook  fan pages. The following famous video will give you very interesting facts of Facebook fan page and fake likes .

Watch out this interesting video on Facebook Fake Fans :

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