Why Duckduckgo Search is growing faster ?

Duckduckgo.com A Search Engine that doesn’t track you


Concerns of protecting users’ privacy online ,has been growing everyday. The recent incident of revealing NASA’s PRISM project by several media has led people to believe that they are being spied online by NSA or American government .

NSA was accused by UK Guardian news , to have compelled Verizon Communications a telecom company , to reveal more than a million people’s telephone records recently .

A recent report   is alleging that the data collection extends to more than just phone records, with emails, IMs, search history, and other Internet records being acquired from tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, and more recently even Apple.-Washington Post

In order to have your privacy protected ,there are many alternative search engines available today .Duckduckgo.com is a new generation search engine that seems to do very decent job.Visit there search your stuff online and get the results .That’s it ,it won’t store your searching history like Google does .

Why Duckduckgo ?

Mainly because of  the protection it gives you  online. All the online services acquires information of users such us ,their browsing habits ,purchasing patterns ,how long they spend online etc . This information is money on internet .Based on this information web services can create ,target and sell products and services to the customers .

The recent revelation is,that the  Governments also getting this data to spy the public for their national security .It’s evident that companies like Google used to give the required information to the government as a part of national security .

If you are  kind of a person who doesn’t want to reveal what do you do online to others ,then you have to use search engine like Duckduckgo. It says it doesn’t track you .

How Fast and Accurate Duckduckgo is ?

It   almost gives results as fast as Google .It is rich in results like Google and almost the results are precise for the search term. I have just searched “IELTS in Jaffna “ hoping that this types of query and very local information on a small country won’t be available on a growing search engine ,but the results was amazing .It has everything ,It knows everything .Try and see .

duckduckgo search engine results page screen

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