What the fuss about Ultrabooks ?

Year 2011 was the year of Tablets ,there were lot of entries following the massive success of Apple iPad. Then there were some interesting Netbook period too. The concept of mobile computing is growing with lot of new concepts . The new shining star in the market is Ultrabooks formally announced by Intel  .

What is Ultrabook ?



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“stylish devices that are less than an inch thick and wake up in a flash.”-Intel

Ultrabooks are the thinner Laptops those are  thinner than 1 inch ,really created to compete with Apple’s Mack Book Air( which is 0.11 Inches thin at it’s thinnest portion) .Notebooks+Tablets =Ultrabook Intel claims . It boots or wakes up from Flash memory so that the resuming speed is ultra fast from hibernation .

The term Ultrabook initially presented by  by Intel. Acer,Azus,Toshiba,Lenova and more other leading manufacturers have started to produce Ulrtabooks  now. There are no any insisting reasons to go for an Ultrabook ,if you already have a netbook or laptop.But if you want to have a feel of Apple’s product with Windows O/S ,yes,you do.

The Year 2012 is going to be the year of Ultrabooks –at least the first half until something new changes the path. ,you can see lot of advertisements ,promotions soon about the Ultrabooks(already started ).

There were Tablet PCs,then Netbooks,and now you have Ultrabooks to burn your dad’s hard earned money (may be you own ! )

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