New Internet Explorer V.10 features and screen shots

Microsoft have been working on their upcoming Internet Explorer 10 for quite some time. Now, Internet Explorer Version 10 is readily available for preview on Windows 8 Platform (both are in  beta stage and available for preview  only ). Hopefully Microsoft will take back it’s position for web browsers in the market soon,with new Internet Explorer 10 as the features are promising .


Key Features of Internet Explorer Version 10

  • widely extended support to handle HTML 5 web sites. HTML 5 is the latest version of the famous web design language HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Numerous technological updates not visible to an average user.
  • Frequently visited pages appears as small images like Chrome .
  • Re designed User Interface ,new look and feel
  • New sharing feature allows you to share the web sites and contents within your social networks and groups- pretty cool !



internet explorer 10 screen shots and preview

HTML 5 is told to be offering better rich media experiences on the web including video and audio ,animations .

Adobe Flash is the current web multimedia giant ,but it is fading out since HTML is highly configurable for animated media delivery online.


Internet Explorer 10 Screen Shot 1 : How the opened tabs displayed .

internet explorer 10 screen shot at

Internet Explorer 10 Screen Shot 2 : Mostly Visited Pages and Pinned pages.

Internet explorer 10 screen shot at

Internet Explorer 10 Screen Shot 3 : How do you share the web on Internet Explorer 10

internet explorer 10 screen short and new feature list

When Internet Explorer 10 would be available ?

It is interesting to note ,that Microsoft and lot of other tech giants like Nokia ,Apple keep dragging the release of their new products despite the announced dates and time frames .

But Microsoft Internet Explorer should be available somewhere in March 2012 ,as per lot of tech blogs and writers !


Want to get internet explorer right now ?

Click here to download the Internet Explorer Preview from Microsoft’s official page. But you need to install Windows Developer preview tools that should be more technical and time consuming .

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