New Internet Explorer 11 ,auto adjusts according to the device

Internet Explorer 11 on Tablets and Mobile phones

Microsoft has revealed it’s redesigned Internet Explorer 11 at it’s Build 2014 conference  held at Moscone Center in San Francisco from April 2 to April 4, 2014.,where they have announced the major changes they have made to Windows 8.1 – the latest update for Windows 8.

The new Internet Explorer 11 comes with more software and hardware compatibilities including hardware accelerated  WebGL . Enhancements have been made for better media experience like HTML 5 videos . Windows 7 and 8 Operating systems will get the IE 11 in the coming days .

 Along with the Windows 8.1 update Microsoft bring the Windows Phone Mobile O/S also  to  version 8.1 .Internet Explorer 11 on the Windows Phone 8.1 is told to be more data saving browser ,and capable of working with voice commands perfectly .

As per Microsoft ,the IE 11 will adjust it’s viewing experience according to the device you  view . “We’ve heard that people browse the Web on many devices, switching between their laptop, tablet, and phone throughout the day,” said Microsoft’s partner  program manager Sam George

Internet explorer 11 - views on desktop ,laptop ,tablet adn mobile phones

You guys are likely to get the new software update within a couple of days. I have already mentioned the release date of Windows 8.1 .


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