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Fate Vs. Technology


I was shocked  to see my sites down for couple of hours yesterday . For the first time in my life I understood that ,Fate is powerful than technology .

As a born techie ,most of the times  ,I  feel like my blood cells have some sort of connections with electronics and gadgets. My every day tasks have been organized with my online calendars ,tablets and smart phones .

Particularly my several email accounts relay on my servers belong to the hosting company ,that I use currently. So the sudden deactivation of my services without a prior notice or negotiation caused me a lot fear and pressure risking my routine life. 


A Bad Word Press Plugin was the culprit

The email I received  after the deactivation  from the hosting company ,stated,that my site causes a “performance issue “ and used lot of recourses from the servers and went on saying “doing so in the future is risking your account with us “. A plugin of one of my wordpress sites,caused problems after the auto update ,clearly there is no involvement from my side  in this issue


It’s not fare to warn the  innocent customer ,who doesn’t know what is going own


I have called the service providers located in United States,and got a little bit technical support ,but I was told to rectify the issue by myself ,I have managed to remove WP-Stats plugin that used lot of resources in My- Sql data base according to the log files.

Later I had to call the US guys to request the re activation ,they told me to send a support ticket online ,I have done so.

Even after an online chat only ,I could resolve the issue ,now my servers are up.

What’s wrong with the Hosting Provider’s act ?

  1. I am furious about the wording used in the re-activation email by this reputed company
  2. Why they did not send me a warning email ,so that I could have done something to prevent the hours of deactivation that cause damage to the reputation of sites .

Beware Web Masters  !


If you run web sites with such hosting providers ,should be carful ,it is better to keep a copy of your site always in order to move somewhere easily .


What is important characteristic of a better Web Hosting ?

  • Unlimited Bandwidth ?
  • Unlimited domains to host ?
  • Unlimited Space ?
  • ………………..?
  • …………………?/! Sad smile

if you feel that you can add something here just let us know in comments section !

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