Missing Malaysian Airliner MH370–Some Questions for techies

Missing Malaysian airlines mh370 questions

It is more than a month ,since the search for lost Malaysian flight MH370 has been started . The MH370 went on missing with 239 passengers onboard  on 8th of March 2014.

There were many theories on the way flight gone missing . Malaysian government could not conclude the issue for quite long time .Finally they have announced that the MH370 ended up in the waters of Indian ocean ,somewhere nearby Australia .


Relatives of missing flight MH370 - on a protest

Now(14/04/2014)the Australian  and Chinese counterparts have conformed ,about the Ping signals their scanning devices  received . American aero space experts said it is really coming from a device not from any living creatures of the water .

As per today the questions ,that are  in many of our minds :

  1. Why they have not improved the battery  life of the black box  ?

    The battery of the black box can last only 1 month .But the batteries we use in gadgets today are more powerful and long lasting.Even we can have ,many extra power sources like solar in the black box considering the battery’s charge in the box. If the battery goes out ,then search process will be harden .  Do the manufacturers of the airplanes believe to locate the broken flight within 30 days anyway at all times ?.
  2. Why ,the flight has only one signaling device (like black box)installed ?

    Even the city busses and cars have GPS tracking devices installed these days .When a flight is built with more than 400% safer than any other vehicle ,how they can be such ignorance to rely on only one device .
  3. Without finding  proved debris ,how  the Malaysian and Australian governments went on saying ,’we are almost there’ ,’we are coming close’ ,’we get more hope’ etc.?

    Up to now ,there is not even a single evident obtained from the search ,but CNN ,BBC and other media used to create a hype by releasing this statements made by Australian Prime Minister Abbot and Malaysian Minister of Transport almost every day . It is important to tell the truth for the relatives ,but not the assumptions.
  4. When do you say ,America can spy on anyone ,America tracks the telephone calls of even prime ministers of some countries ,why the high technology it has ,cannot be used to trace a big flight ,or portions of it ?

    Even some satellites can detect the moving objects under the water ,there are ultrasonic ,ultrasound technologies ,and many atomic submarines  that can go any deeper in the ocean. Why these all cannot help in this task yet.
  5. Why the black box is not designed to float in the ocean ?And Why only one box ?

    I guess the flight industry has to rethink it’s security procedures by now . They can have some copies (duplicates) of the black boxes ,that can mirror the information(simultaneous copying ) of the main black box ,and should be installed in  various locations of the flight ,so that at least one can be found .
  6. Is it true ,that MH370 has been hijacked by some terrorists ?

    The way governments respond(keep on giving hopes ,not allowing to think in different ways,and fail to find any strong evidence ) to the media seems ,that they try to hide something collectively  .A Russian newspaper claimed ,that the MH370 is under captive and all the passengers are alive but starving in Afghanistan.
  7. The great shame of this century .Do we really have the technologies ,we thought we have achieved

    We thought that tracing a person or even a tiny object with today’s technology is easy .But the huge flaw  really  we have has been exposed with  this incident . Way to go …(Or we are lied by someone for a purpose )
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