Japanese male arrested with guns printed from 3D printer- other side of the Tech-coin .

A 27 years old Japanese man called Yoshitomo Imura has been arrested for the possession of 5 guns ,printed using 3D printers.

Gunds printed using 3 D printer in Japan in May 2014
[Image Credit  : BBC]

3 D printers are capable of printing anything you want ,by choosing a correct model and print diagram or blueprint . Recently Chinese people revealed ,that they are going to print houses using giant size 3 D printers . The productive side of 3D printer is really amazing and brings unlimited possibilities to the human beings .

Houses made by 3D printers

Following video shows  you how houses were built using 3D printers by a Chinese company

3 D printers are becoming the next big thing in technology industry today . First 3D printer ,capable of printing guns had been demonstrated in US in May 2013 ,the program(Software) to print the gun also had been published on web sites ,later due to the pressure given from US security officials it has been removed from servers .

“Five guns, two of which could fire lethal bullets, and a 3D printer were seized from Yoshitomo Imura’s home, police sources told broadcaster NHK.” BBC

Interestingly the guy stated that he didn’t know that printing guns is illegal in Japan .

However the advancement of 3D printer has posed a great security threat to the world .When the technology falls on the hands of wrong people ,it endangers the life of others . 3D printer gives possibility of creating any product ,whether it is good or bad ,whether it is prohibited or allowed in the country .

I guess ,authorities would realize the seriousness of 3D printers’ negative impact and would impose certain legal restrictions on creating ,selling ,using the printers .

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