Intelligent Door Bell–That Recognizes you and your guests

chui door bell smart ,face recognizing ,phone connected

A new silicon valley startup company called Technologies Inc ,has invented a smart door bell . This door bell has been named as Chui-Door Bell ,which recognizes your face and opens the door (optional – when connected with internet door locks) .

You can have the door bell connected to your smart phone ,so that when people are outside your home ,you will be notified via the mobile phone ,or the preferred device . It has the following key features :

  • Multiple Triggers (Button Press, Motion Detection, Face Detection)
  • Device Enrollment (hold button for 5 seconds to enroll)
  • 2 Way audio 1 Way Video
  • HD Camera
  • High Quality Mic and Speaker
  • RGB LED for Visual Feedback
  • Reads QR Codes and Alphanumeric Passwords

By seeing you or already programmed people’s faces ,Chui door bell can greet them ,can play a pre-recorded message ,can open the door ,and start your TV(if they are friends ).If you are busy with the TV or something the door bell will do the needful .It reduces the need of carrying a spare key for the family members .

By pressing the button and show your face to  the  bell , Chui  recognizes the person. Even you can use QR codes (alpha numeric characters )printed on a paper or displayed on your phone screen .

The following Video can help you to understand more .


If you want to order a bell for USD 199,visit this link .

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