Highlights of the Windows 8.1 update–Power Button and more

Windows 8.1 featrues

Microsoft has announced yesterday Windows 8.1 ,the upcoming update for over 1.5 billion Windows 8 users world wide.  In a features briefing ,the media and participants got to know the key features of Windows 8.1. Microsoft plans to offer the update starting from April 8 this year. The update will be delivered via internet as like a service pack . You do nothing for it ,just wait . Head off to know the new features now ..


Top  10 Changes of Windows 8.1 over Windows 8

  1. Power Button and Search is more visible and easy to access nowWindows 8.1 Desktop
  2. Task Bar offers settings for Apps

    Move the cursor to the Task bar ,and it will show you the settings for the applications installed . Eg you can customize your sound settings ,internet explorer etc

  3. Customizable Start Screen Tile Size

    Windows 8.1 Tiles Size Screen shot
    Now you have the option to resize the tiles on the start screen. But some applications won’t allow them to resize .It depends on the App .

  4. Start Buttons is Back

    Now you can see the start button ,at the usual place of Windows ,it opens the start screen .
    Windows 8.1 Start Button Screen shot

  5. Lock Screen Slide Show

    Now Windows 8.1 allows you to have your images displayed on the lock screen as slide show like many mobile phones and tablets do.
    Slide Show on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

  6. New Internet Explorer 11

    You get a new version of the Internet Explorer with many new features . This version of Internet Explorer supports far more web technologies (including WebGL) And designed to support touch input more efficiently .

  7. More Efficient Photo Application

    Windows 8.1 offers a more capable photo viewing and editing application . Get around with the editing work is much more easy now .
    Windows 8.1 Photo Application screen shot

  8. Search –Called Search Heroes

    Search on Windows 8.1
    The search in Windows 8.1 will bring you more search results ,for example if you search for a city there ,it will bring you the whether information ,images and the map of the place . If you search for a pop singer ,the results page will give you the hit songs of the  singer to be played with a click . Computers become more and more efficient right ?

  9. Split Screen

    Split Screen feature of Windows 8.1
    The  screen   of the Windows 8.1 can be split   ,so that ,you can view more information ,use more windows at a time .

  10. Settings

    Windows 8.1 has more setting options now .The possibility of customization is more .

    I am waiting finger crossed ,to get the update and explore it.I will come up with more interesting tips on Windows 8.1 . If you want see some more interesting screen shots and features of Windows 8.1 visit PCMAG.com now

Source – PCMAG

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