Google Glass -A one day sale for everyone only today in USA

Everyone can buy Google Glass now April -2014 Sales

Wearables are taking up  the main stream of technology space today. As we all have understood the mobile phone market and the hardware development there have saturated now.But wearable devices like Smart watches (Samsung Gear ,Sony’s Smart Watch)and Google’s Glass have shown some space to further growth.

Want to buy a Google Glass ?

Very limited number of users have been using Google Glass   ,who have purchased it based on special invitation extended by Google.

Google glass new version 2014

But Google has announced that they are going to sell their Glass only for 24 hours –today and only for people who are in America .

Google's offical note -Google Glass purchase page

If you are a US  resident and over 18 years then you are eligible to buy Google Glass now.

But the interesting fact is ,Google glass is not that much expected by many Americans. The trend of using wearable  gadgets ,has been coming up yet.The geek type people and high tech enthusiasts who always cash out for exploring purposes would go for it .

Google glass 2014 different versions

A recent survey conducted in USA revealed that about 28% of the participants have opted to buy Google glass. the rest said they are not interested in Google glass ,and it can be a threat for security ,and not an important device for their day to day life .

It is not sure ,whether the expected number of sales could be achieved by Google today or not. But it is sure that the wearable technology going to have a boost in 2014 and will be the main stream for some time .

Wanna buy Glass ? Click this link to buy one .

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