Google Chrome Added ‘do not track ‘ privacy option in it’s update

private browsing on google chorme 2012

As you visit web sites ,the sites can track your browsing  behaviours for targeted advertising ,create more interesting contents based on your interests etc. But some time you may don’t want to give up your privacy for anyone. This privacy issue was a big concern last few years for people and analysts . Internet explorer ,Firefox and other major Browsers already implemented the private browsing facility in their browsers ,so you can simply switch on it and browse the web sites anonymously . 

Google took long time to implement this policy and finally took steps now.Google has issued the code update to the developer build of Chrome . The “Do not track “ option will be an inbuilt feature of the Google Chrome soon, you are likely to get the updated Chrome ,which offers private browsing by the end of this year .

But ,still you can use a private browsing option within Chrome,by downloading the Private Browsing Extension from Google’s Web store .

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