A PC that is only 0.6 Inches thin ! Carry in your pocket !

bareborn PCS

I guess most of us aren’t  much aware about the bare born computer systems . Motherboard+Processor+Memory+Casing a complete CPU. It is less expensive and good enough for the routine tasks of an office or home.

Trim-Slice a company ,introduced the very small Bare Born PC that’s only 0.6” inches thin . It has all the connectivity you need including USB,HDMI,SD-Card Slot,W-lan, and more.


Trim Slice-H – Technical Specs

This system is named Slice-H and it has a processing power of 1 GHZ (dual core),I GB RAM, 5.1 Surround sound system,1080 P HDMI out.

trimslice CPU

This types of desktops are useful for a networked environment and people going for a low budget system. A bare born system is powerful than any Tablet PC and lessor in power than any full desktop systems .



Trim-Slice Official Site

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