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Nokia is no more–Microsoft Mobile OY is the new name !

Old Nokia N97

Nokia has been purchased by Microsoft last year ,and the the transition has been taking place over last six months since September 2013 . In a press  release today ,Nokia announced the last step of transition that is going to take place within next few days.

Nokia expects the sale of substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft to close on April 25, 2014”-Nokia

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Intelligent Door Bell–That Recognizes you and your guests

chui door bell smart ,face recognizing ,phone connected

A new silicon valley startup company called Technologies Inc ,has invented a smart door bell . This door bell has been named as Chui-Door Bell ,which recognizes your face and opens the door (optional – when connected with internet door locks) .

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Missing Malaysian Airliner MH370–Some Questions for techies

Missing Malaysian airlines mh370 questions

It is more than a month ,since the search for lost Malaysian flight MH370 has been started . The MH370 went on missing with 239 passengers onboard  on 8th of March 2014.

There were many theories on the way flight gone missing . Malaysian government could not conclude the issue for quite long time .Finally they have announced that the MH370 ended up in the waters of Indian ocean ,somewhere nearby Australia .

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Losing Privacy on WhatsApp – You too Brutus ?

At Teckdiary we have already written many articles on privacy issues of  internet and exposed how the personal information is being used by internet giants and many governments .

WhatsApp user privacy data

Most of the services offered from USA like Google’s search,Gmail,Drive and Hotmail ,Yahoo etc collecting your personal information and sharing it with government agencies  in the name of national security .

In a  recent interview , creator of WhatsApp ,Mr.Koum said that his application never collects user data and he hates peeping into others’ personal life .

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Do you think Facebook dominates the mobile users ? But it is not the case in USA .

Social meida trends in 2014 at

Most of us tend to believe that Facebook is the leading social network site in the mobile platforms . The popularity of Facebook is an obvious truth .But there are other social media growing faster and acquired  certain amount of users within short time span,even overtaking FB’s domination .

The following stats by Mashable Statistics suggests you some interesting facts .

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Okcupid accuses Mozilla Firefox for not supporting same sex marriage

Mozilla Firfox - Accused by Okcupid

The famous online dating site Okcupid ,has accused C.E.O of Mozilla  Firefox (the free web browser )for not supporting same sex marriage and opposing equality of all LGBT couples .

Mr .Brendan Eich, the newly appointed C.E.O of Mozilla , has donated some money for a campaign that suggests to ban gay marriage in the western US state. This issue has been revealed when the fundraisers have listed Mr.Eich’s name as one of the donators on their web site .

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Google Glasses–the next Big thing ,has been revealed bit more !


Google Glasses – Official Video .

Guys you don’t mislead yourself for anything by just seeing the picture here  it’s just a screen shot of the video I want you to see 🙂 .The video is embedded bellow .Google has been developing the concept of Google glasses for years like how it is testing the driver less cars on the streets for years.The revolutionary Google glass itself a mini computer with a screen and wire less connectivity to access internet .When you see things ,the glass can grab information of the things and scenes using the longitude ,latitude coordinates and by searching similar images in the net (Google’s Goggles ). Google Glasses can take videos and snap shots . Google glasses recognize your voice and carryout the voice commands to perform various tasks . Google glasses going to be an interactive encyclopedia and multimedia device !

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Should I use screen protectors on my Gorilla glass 1 & 2 phones ?

Screen Protector reviews -Galaxy SIII,Galaxy Note II,Apple iPhone 5,4s

We all know that Gorilla glass is the toughest glass used in the modern day mobile phones to  protect them . Most of us ,becoming more reluctant to use screen protectors on the new devices . This small note will help you to understand whether screen protectors are still needed or not for your device .

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables up to a 20 percent reduction in glass thickness, while maintaining the industry-leading scratch and damage resistance that consumers demand. Samsung Electronics equipped the GALAXY S III with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 enables the device’s slim and sleek design, and helps protect the device display from scratches and bumps. Press Release –Corning

Phones like Samsung Galaxy SII ,Apple iPhones 4S,iPhone 5  ,have  Gorilla glass 1 on them and the new siblings  of SII,Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2 and some other latest high end devices are coming with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 . Gorilla glass 2- means more tough and more protection from scratches . (if you want to find out more technically – visit Corning Gorilla Glass site here )

Don’t  believe any Youtube videos  of Gorilla Glass scratch test .

The YouTube videos showing the extra ordinary scratch  tests of Gorilla Glass defiantly miss lead you to a crack your device . Personally,I am  one of a  victims of that . Trusting the hardness of my Samsung Galaxy SII ,made me to give a demo to my friends by forcefully scratching my device with my car keys led to some nasty experience (The scratches on my Galaxy S2 ,is very obvious in this photo ? )

Samsung Galaxy S2/SII Scratched Gorilla Glass -image

Gorilla glasses are made to protect your phones from day  to day scratches , ie : it may protect your phone fro the minor scratches caused by  the keys you put together n your pocket ,sand and dusty came on the air etc.

Final words –Yes you should use screen protectors

I have used most of  the expensive and high end smart phones like Apple iPhone 4s,Nokia N97,Nokia N8,Samsung Galaxy Note 1,Note II ,Galaxy SII ( and now testing sIII) and found they all needed a screen protector hardly ,otherwise they used to get some minor scratches . I have ordered screen protectors for my new Galaxy Note 2-N7100 from ebay and waiting to be delivered . Meanwhile my device is protected by a custom cut screen protector purchased from local market .

How much a good screen protector costs ?

An anti glare screen protector for phones like Galaxy SIII,Note II starts as little as  0.99 $ at ebay .

Facebook pushing it’s staff to use Android phones more and more–FB for Android will get better soon !

Facebook for Android - Facebook willing to develop FB app for Android

Most of the people are using mobile phones to go social via online . Facebook had developed a nice application for Apple and the sleek and intuitive FB app attracted million of users. But Folks who use Android phones are not having the same better Facebook application . Facebook realizes it, and now focusing on the development of the new FB app for Android and wants the staff to realize ,how terrible the Facebook app on Android is . This posters are slicked inside the Facebook office to educate and remind the staff to do a better job for Android .

There’s no particular time frame reported when Facebook’s efforts to create a better FB application will finally pay off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised a native Facebook client for Android was coming in the near future, but we couldn’t hear much since the initial announcement.[I am waiting…]


Source – Techcrunch

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