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How to remove annoying Ads from Android Phones and Tabs

The recent free android app you have installed ,might have started giving trouble . The ad support free versions of Android applicants used to display advertisements in your phone  or Android tablets.

Ads removeal from Android phone - Notification area

Many apps display push notifications ,and it will be shown on your notification bar . Some applications go wild and displays popup ads .Even during a name search in your contacts ,you shall be shocked by a popping message or an image . How to remove this ads?

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Does your Android mobile need an anti virus application ?

For  the folks who have been trying new Android devices ,I guess ,one of the important  questions they may have is “Should I use anti virus software on my Android phone or Tablet ?”

Should I use Virus protection for Android ?

I have been using Android over last 3 years but I have never used a bulky Android AV app in my phone or Tablet.

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Want to protect your privacy while spying NASA via internet ?

A Mobile app to protect your search habits from spying  eyes .

Disconnect Search - Privacy protecting search application for android

A Cool App”Disconnect Search” letting you search internet without revealing your personal information !

Privacy of users ,has been becoming a growing concern ,when do they use internet . After the revelation of a former government spy on how American  and other governments investigate users’ personal data through web sites and free services like search engines etc ,  Now people are bit scared to have a free go on the net.

“Disconnect Search” helps you !

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Google’s Gesture Search–an amazing app for calling contacts faster

Best Free Android app- Google Gesture Search

Google Gesture Search –Best app for touch screens

Just draw the first letters of the person you want to call or the name of the application you want to start from your crowded app collection ,Google Gesture Search displays the most used contacts in the most appropriate order (For people used to have thousands of contacts, this is the ultimate way of getting things done faster )

Walmart fires employees for throwing iPads in the store


Naughty employees of the famous Walmart stores in America had some fun time with the latest iPads inside the store . iPads have been transferred from place to place in throw and catch mode(since it is Apple ) . None of the devices have been broken as per the spokesperson there . The video footage of the incident taken by the employees has appeared on the Youtube and created a mayhem at Walmart ,consequently the employees involved in the naughty job have been fired by the company .

Video of Wallmart-Apple iPad Throw and Catch event

Watch the video but beware about the naught language used in

Source : PCmag

Does Apple follow the footsteps of Nokia ? losing focus !

We had  a Global Mobile Giant called Nokia,was ruling for years ,Then Apple started to boom  ,later Android entered the game, wanted to take the leadership and almost done now !- S.Manimaran,

Apple follows Nokia

Did Nokia lose the vision after Stephen Elop ?

Nokia , one time emperor of Mobile phones ,now is a humble silent player  in the highly crowded mobile market. Nokia had the creativity and audacity to come up with new innovations time to time. Nokia created tons of own patents for the mobile industry. Best imaging devices ,gadgets with best connectivity  ,best Maps and  Apps  .It was true ,that Symbian started to face a some loses  by rival platforms like IOs and Android ,Later in 2010  Nokia’s Board of directors  have brought  in Stephen Elop as the C.E.O ,for unknown reason ,then the company had started to see a great fall instead of step by step growth .

Just before Stephen  Elop  took the office, at the end of Q4 of 2010 Nokia’s market share was 29%. then the next quarter for which we have data, Q3 of 2011, Nokia’s market share has crashed to 14%. Nokia used to  have a huge fan base , thousands of die hard blogs  and blogger to do free PR for them ,all had been slashed into very very small share within 6 to 8 months , as the Symbian Platform had been criticized by Nokia’s very own C.E.O “ a Burning Platform “,and  declared to be ended sooner . But then they have started to ship Some Symbian based mid range phones with Symbian Belle O/S afterwards ,comfortably stopped mentioning Symbian Belly ,they call it just Belly .

From the time of the shift of Symbian to Microsoft’s WP O/S (policy wise  only,when Stephen Elop announces the shift he was not ready with a Nokia Windows Phone to show the press even ),Nokia started to see all the downward trends in terms of sales ,profits and stability . No phones from Nokia  hit any record of sales like N8 did few months back from the shift,no any Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone operating system survived either .Nokia failed to capture any market remarkably as planned .

When I went through the Wikipedia’s pages of Stephen Elop ,I cannot see a success story behind him .

Elop was a director of consulting for Lotus Development Corporation before becoming CIO for Boston Chicken in 1992,[7][8] which filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1998.[9] In the same year, he joined Macromedia’s Web/IT department[8] and worked at the company for seven years[10], where he held several senior positions, including CEO from January 2005[11] for three months before their acquisition by Adobe Systems was announced in April 2005.-

He was then president of worldwide field operations at Adobe, tendering his resignation in June 2006 and leaving in December[13], after which he was the COO of Juniper Networks for exactly one year from January 2007-2008.[8][14]

Before starting at Nokia, Elop worked for Microsoft from January 2008 to September 2010 as the head of the Business Division, responsible for the Microsoft Office line of products, and as a member of the company’s senior leadership team. During his time at Microsoft, the Business Division released Office 2010.[15] – Wikipedia

The longest he worked was as a senor management officer ,that was 7 years at Macromedia,but the the C.E.O level positions he held did not last more than a year  in any company ,surprisingly Nokia ! .

What is the  common thing Nokia had, you can see within Apple now ?

As all of us know ,Steve Jobs was the company’s remarkable and buzz creating C.E.O ,the qualities he had created a huge loyal customers for Apple. The way he presented his devices on each press meetings ,release events, brought the attention of everyone ,and obviously the  products revealed by him also had some thing to talk about .

Considering the recent moves of Apple ,specially the missing Wow factor of iPhone 5 ,there is enough space to thing about the missing innovative part from Apple. iPhone 5 had a record of sales ,of course ,but that is done by the loyal customer base ,that can shift from the platform any time ,if no new things coming in, to keep them thrilled (Like something happened to Nokia ).

Apple iPhone5 still enjoys the reputation created by Steve Jobs in terms of sales ,but  how long you can keep the image unchanging  without adding value?

  • We all know almost the full specifications of the Apple iPhone few months  before the release date – Steve Jobs had an iron curtain around the company ,that never permitted this much revelations .
  • Current C.E.O Tim Cook ,doesn’t seem to have any PR skills closer to Steve Jobs ,I mean the presentation skills ,and the ideas to create a buzz in a product launch or release.
  • Apple iPhone had a kick start ,then a steady growth  and now seems to be remaining same in terms of ideas
  • Apple’s iPhone started becoming less impressive (of course for techies )

Who else playing well ?

No doubt it is Samsung ,Samsung is the shiny star at the moment which delivers number of different innovative gadgets  like S3,Note 2,Android Cams etc. Google gets tons of hits these days for Samsung Phone searches .

Copy Cat case and Samsung

Yes ,there is small fall caused by the Apple’s case ,but Apple itself had infringed plenty of patents from Nokia ,then settled the matter out of the court by paying licensing fees .For instance , using Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and mobile data connection together in a single device is Nokia’s patent ,that is widely used by all major phones these days.


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3 Easy steps to watch YouTube videos smoother in your Android Tablets

I am a good fan of You Tube videos . I have been facing issues with the slow loading time and the length of video played every time after buffering with my Motorola Xoom ,Finally I have figured out the cause. The average broadband connections don’t allow you to stream  HD videos uninterrupted( until other wise you are blessed with a lightning fast connection in your country ). Just stop the HD option on your YouTube application and play the video ,it buffers faster and play uninterrupted  Continue reading 3 Easy steps to watch YouTube videos smoother in your Android Tablets

A Must to have Accessory – Portfolio Case for Motorola XOOM


I was using the Motorola Xoom about a year and found keeping it on desired angles is troublesome at times. I wanted to have a kick stand to watch movies ,even to browse internet and do some other tasks ,wanted to keep my Motorola save from scratches  ,finally I am convened to go for a Motorola Xoom Portfolio Case  .

I have ordered a Portfolio Case via eBay and it took about 14 days to reach my country form USA. Any how it is really worth for waiting .

Pros of Motorola Portfolio Case

  • Built quality of  this Xoom case is excellent .
  • Very  light weight product ,and will not much extra Kgs in your hand .
  • Since ,this Xoom case originally made my Motorola ,it fits perfectly with the Xoom Tablet.
  • You have the option to keep your Tablet on a standing position and enjoy all of your movies now !

Cons of Motorola Portfolio Case

  • No Magnetic lid to close/open the case to use the Tablet

motorola xoom carry case offer price

Buy one Motorola Portfolio Case at Offer Price now

Motorola offering this Portfolio Case just for $4.99 now (Earlier it was $39.99) .I purchased it from a third party supplier and it coasted me about $8.9 .

Want to proceed to Motorola online store ? Click here !

Apple’s new phone and mini tablets–Apple’s Event ‘12th of Sep starts’ shortly

Live Coverage of Apple’s iPhone 5 Media Event

Follow for hot updates on Today’s Apple Event. . You can get the 140 character updates via our Twitter account-  (new account) and short articles with important announcements and revelations from Apple . We will start tweeting and posting  updates from the beginning  of the  event .

Apple 5 revealation


What you can expect from the Apple iphone 5 ? most of the tech blogs list out the following :

Apple iPhones expected advantages over hardware specs :

  • Bigger, 4-inch diagonal screen (very high)
  • LTE (very high)
  • Redesigned dock connector (high)
  • New design with more metal and less glass (high)
  • NFC (low to nil)
  • New earbuds (medium)
  • A6 processor (high)

Software advancements :

  • The very new iOS-6
  • Apple’s Own Navigation
  • Nice Facebook integration
  • gets rid of Google apps (Even no youtube on the board )

Pulse and the best E-Reading App in the planet–Mini review

Pulse news reader on Web

I have been using Pulse e-reader application both on my Motorola Xoom tablet and Samsung Galaxy S2 for about an year. The sexy appeal of the feeds on Pulse makes me to read a lot. If you are using the very old fashioned  Google reader for your feeds ,then definitely you would love to switch to   Pulse app .

Pulse is a free application for your devices available on Google Play for download . Last week I have reviewed the Flipboard app ,which is similar to this app ,but Pulse scores more as it allows you to read more feeds in a limited space of screen .

Pulse for Android screenshot on Galaxy S2

Pulse for Desktop Computers

Pulse has been launched for Desktop users very recently ,it is available as an online app within your browser. Just go to and start using it [you can logging in using your Facebook Account for instant access ,but better to create a pulse account that carries all your feeds with you every where in every device )

Pulse startup screen on ICS s2Pulse ereader view 1 on Samsung Galaxy S22012-09-12 11.16.48

Pulse – Features

  • Screen shots of the pulse reader given here ,may give you the idea of look and feel of the app and great UI.
  • Pulse gives you push notifications of the updated feeds (which can be set off from settings menu)
  • You can add more pages and feeds
  • Pulse offers you a very useful catalogue of feeds ,so you can pick up some
  • Settings menu allows you to control the data connections (Update on Wi-Fi only etc..)views,flash use etc.
  • Single user account created in Pulse syncs your contents on  all devices .

2012-09-12 11.40.05

Pulse tend to make use of my Xoom tablet more and more for reading !

Let us know what you feel about it in comments section !

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