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Android powered Samsung Camera–Pictures and details !


Samsung has revealed an Android powered camera called Samsung Galaxy digital camera which has 21 x optical zoom. This device has 16-megapixel sensor,8 GB internal storage and Android Jelly Bean O/S as main attractions  .  Galaxy camera has a SIM slot to use the 3G  connection and allows you to  upload your photos . The Android device has most of the common apps  from Android platform .Even you have drop box to share upload and share your images.

It has an audio jack ,in order to listen the recorded sound from videos and to use Skype and like programs . The famous image sharing app Instagram also pre installed in the camera .


The Samsung Galaxy camera allows you to control it via your Android phone remotely . You can zoom in ,zoom out ,and download the images ,share them .

Release date is planned somewhere in October-2012 but the price of the product is unknown yet .

I am very much excited to play with this gadget ,don’t you !

A Stylish Wireless Speaker for iPhone and iPad from Marmitek


iphone wireless speaker


Now you can hear the music from your iPhone and iPads via a stylish and compact  wireless speaker .

This Wireless speaker (model BoomBoom 152) is as little as a coffee cup and connects to your iPhone or iPad via  Bluetooth .You can enjoy music from 4 to 8 hours after a full charge . The sound quality of this speaker should be good as the company has a long history of producing quality gadgets .

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LCD TV or LED TV which is better ?

difference between lcd and led
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When I thought to buy a TV ,I just went to the shop and have chosen a 40’’ LCD TV ,without any studies or market surveys .But thought to have one after installing the TV at home for some reason.

What is the key difference between LCD and LED displays/TVs

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