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Negative impact of Google Glass-Attackers storm on the wearers

imageGoogle Glass went on sale for everyone yesterday in US and the deal has been closed by now.

Despite the technological advancement of the Google glass and the people’s enthusiasm were praised ,some folks attacked the people who wear  Google glass .

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Losing Privacy on WhatsApp – You too Brutus ?

At Teckdiary we have already written many articles on privacy issues of  internet and exposed how the personal information is being used by internet giants and many governments .

WhatsApp user privacy data

Most of the services offered from USA like Google’s search,Gmail,Drive and Hotmail ,Yahoo etc collecting your personal information and sharing it with government agencies  in the name of national security .

In a  recent interview , creator of WhatsApp ,Mr.Koum said that his application never collects user data and he hates peeping into others’ personal life .

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Rapid charger–30 seconds mobile phone charging

The drawback of having a smartphone is ,its worst battery lasting time . Most of the modern smart phones last only half a day and start to give the annoying battery low signals .

30 seconds super fast charger for mobiel phones

An Israeli  company called StoreDot had announced that they have invented a rapid charger technology ,that can charge your mobile phone battery from 0% to 100% within just 30 seconds. The following video illustrates their invention .

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Windows Phone is Free ! You are likely to see more WP Phones in the market

Windows phone 8.1 free

Microsoft has learned a good lesson from Android it seems. As a new business strategy ,Microsoft has announced it’s Windows 8.1 Operating system  for devices bellow 9 inches screen , is free .

It is an enormous move from Microsoft in the history. Microsoft is known for it’s strict money making policy for long time .But the model of giving something free has been adopted after a learning curve,I guess .

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Google Glasses–the next Big thing ,has been revealed bit more !


Google Glasses – Official Video .

Guys you don’t mislead yourself for anything by just seeing the picture here  it’s just a screen shot of the video I want you to see 🙂 .The video is embedded bellow .Google has been developing the concept of Google glasses for years like how it is testing the driver less cars on the streets for years.The revolutionary Google glass itself a mini computer with a screen and wire less connectivity to access internet .When you see things ,the glass can grab information of the things and scenes using the longitude ,latitude coordinates and by searching similar images in the net (Google’s Goggles ). Google Glasses can take videos and snap shots . Google glasses recognize your voice and carryout the voice commands to perform various tasks . Google glasses going to be an interactive encyclopedia and multimedia device !

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Bluetooth Smart Watch for Apple iOS revealed

blurtooth watch for iphone and ios cookoo watch

At  CES 2013, Cookoo Watch company has revealed a Bluetooth smart watch that can connect with your iPhone and bring you all the wanted notifications.

The watch can display notifications for:
– Incoming Calls
– Missed Calls
– Facebook Messages and Posts
– Calendar Reminders
– When a Smart Device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) is out of range
– When a Smart Device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) is low on Battery

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Samsung has sent invitations for official launch of Galaxy SIV–4h March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 release and specs photo

As Teckdiary reported earlier ,Samsung has confirmed the upcoming Galaxy SIV by sending invitations for the unpack event of the device ,that would be held on 4th of March 2013. But the latest report from Samsung say ,they would not release the device to the masses until the May 2013 . Await for preview and more sparkling news on Galaxy SIV at .

Malware may attack your Exsynos Device – Warning for Galaxy SII ,S III and Note II owners !

Samsung Exynos Processor - Malware problems fix

Samsung has officially acknowledged that there is an exploit on it’s Exsynos processors – used in Samsung phones including Galaxy SII,Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II ,that leads the devices get infected by malware and possibly leak personal data out of them. I have witnessed for strange behaviours on many Galaxy SII and similar Samsung devices . Finally the hard reset had given the solution .

Finally Samsung accepted the loophole it had in the Exynos processor and promised an immediate patch for the devices as software update. The patch will be available soon to the infected models using Exsynos processors. Continue reading Malware may attack your Exsynos Device – Warning for Galaxy SII ,S III and Note II owners !

Samsung Galaxy Note II–Landed at–Tips and Tricks ,Best Apps for Note 1 & 2 more to come

Galaxy Note II Vs Galaxy S2 Vs Nokia N97 displayed

It is fabulous to hold ,wonderful to see and useful to have – Amazingly superb and hot selling sexy Galaxy Note II, landed today and I have been (still)using it for last 8 hours tirelessly . As a person dedicated the life for  technology ,I have had a good insight on Galaxy Note II before the arrival ,and found the on hands experience pretty much same . The new comer has been added to my collection of Jewels (Most anticipated and betrayed Nokia N97 ,Most Successful Android device of the world-Samsung Galaxy SII )

Samsung Galaxy Note II  already surpassed 5 Million units of sales as of today ,as per Samsung .I am not sure that whether they have included the unit I purchased too( 🙂 )

Folks, anyway it is a quick heads up  , you can expect more tips and tricks of Note II , Mini reviews and  posts on Top apps for Galaxy Note 2 from my own experience in coming days ,  cheers ! :) 

Samsung offers 1080 pixel display on flagship phone

Samsung 1080 pix Galaxy SIV/S4 Display ?

A good news surfaces on the web, for the folks who like to have more pixel density on their phones. Samsung plans to demonstrate their next big thing (Apple !, please don’t file a patent case for this wording ),suppose to be the Samsung Galaxy S IV(S4) . It is rumored ,that Samsung may demonstrate the hi end ,1080 pix display in the CES-2013 ,that should take place in January 2013.

Korean newspaper Aisae reports that Samsung has developed a 4.99-inch 1080p display that is said to be used in the company’s rumored Galaxy S IV handset. The display is expected to enter the production stage sometime in Q1 2013, and will be on showcase at CES 2013. The display is said to have a pixel density of 441ppi, which just beats HTC’s DRIOD DNA by one pixel. –Slashgear

As per the unconfirmed news surfacing,the new display will have 441 Pixels density (per inch) and you will have the most eye catching images on it  .

Want to know other better phones with better displays at the moment from Samsung ? Read this story

iOS 6 tracks your activities on Apple devices–A guide to stop it !

How to stop Apple tracking me on my mobile !

iOS6 Apple tracks your privacy ?

Do you own the brand new Apple iPhone5 ? or have you updated your Apple device to iOS6 recently ?then you are under the observation of someone for good..iOS 6 is coming with a feature turned on called “ IFA” that stands for "identifier for advertisers " . Apple paves the way to track the buying behaviours of the customers through this technology .This is pretty same like the cookies used in computers to track the users . IFA is very simple set of information that contains your ad clicking patterns and the buying behaviours on the net  and send to the interested parties via your Apple iOS6 device .

How to Stop IFA in Apple devices ?

This is a privacy related setting,but Apple covertly put the on /off option under very irrelevant  section of settings in the phone/Apple device .

Ok ,here is the way  : Just got to "General," then "About," and then navigate to the "Advertising" section. From there, you need to to turn "Limit Ad Tracking" on.

Please note Apple doesn’t track any of your personal information via this IFA, so ,no need to panic a lot  .

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Samsung Confirmed Galaxy S3 Mini–Unveils tomorrow !

Leaked photo of Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and the official confirmation of the device .

Sasmung Galaxy S3 Mini /SIII mini

S3 Mini  has been  officially confirmed by Samsung now and you have to wait only 1 day for the full specifications and date of availability .

I have been  observing  the increased search query in Google and other search engines about the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini ,and it shows me  that there are plenty of good folks eagerly waiting for the small device with the power of S3 original ,and now it turned an interesting truth .

Samsung Officially confirmed that they are going to release the 4” Screen Samsung S3 Mini  tomorrow . JK Shin ,Samsung’s Chief of Mobile unit  stated it clear :

"We’ll be launching a 4-inch Galaxy S III on the 11th in Germany. There’s a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe. Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it ‘mini.’”

Galaxy S3 mini is expected to have the more identical features of S3 and small in size ,yes this would be a competitor for 4” Apple iPhone 5 ,the smaller size makes the people hesitant about the monstrous  nature of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and go for the mini ,avoiding Apple iPhone 5.

Samsung knows how to make lovable devices and also knows how to position themselves well  in the over crowded mobile industry .

Image credit : Mobile Geeks

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