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Nokia is no more–Microsoft Mobile OY is the new name !

Old Nokia N97

Nokia has been purchased by Microsoft last year ,and the the transition has been taking place over last six months since September 2013 . In a press  release today ,Nokia announced the last step of transition that is going to take place within next few days.

Nokia expects the sale of substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft to close on April 25, 2014”-Nokia

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Intelligent Door Bell–That Recognizes you and your guests

chui door bell smart ,face recognizing ,phone connected

A new silicon valley startup company called Technologies Inc ,has invented a smart door bell . This door bell has been named as Chui-Door Bell ,which recognizes your face and opens the door (optional – when connected with internet door locks) .

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Google Glass -A one day sale for everyone only today in USA

Everyone can buy Google Glass now April -2014 Sales

Wearables are taking up  the main stream of technology space today. As we all have understood the mobile phone market and the hardware development there have saturated now.But wearable devices like Smart watches (Samsung Gear ,Sony’s Smart Watch)and Google’s Glass have shown some space to further growth.

Want to buy a Google Glass ?

Very limited number of users have been using Google Glass   ,who have purchased it based on special invitation extended by Google.

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Missing Malaysian Airliner MH370–Some Questions for techies

Missing Malaysian airlines mh370 questions

It is more than a month ,since the search for lost Malaysian flight MH370 has been started . The MH370 went on missing with 239 passengers onboard  on 8th of March 2014.

There were many theories on the way flight gone missing . Malaysian government could not conclude the issue for quite long time .Finally they have announced that the MH370 ended up in the waters of Indian ocean ,somewhere nearby Australia .

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Why Duckduckgo Search is growing faster ? A Search Engine that doesn’t track you


Concerns of protecting users’ privacy online ,has been growing everyday. The recent incident of revealing NASA’s PRISM project by several media has led people to believe that they are being spied online by NSA or American government .

NSA was accused by UK Guardian news , to have compelled Verizon Communications a telecom company , to reveal more than a million people’s telephone records recently .

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New Internet Explorer 11 ,auto adjusts according to the device

Internet Explorer 11 on Tablets and Mobile phones

Microsoft has revealed it’s redesigned Internet Explorer 11 at it’s Build 2014 conference  held at Moscone Center in San Francisco from April 2 to April 4, 2014.,where they have announced the major changes they have made to Windows 8.1 – the latest update for Windows 8.

The new Internet Explorer 11 comes with more software and hardware compatibilities including hardware accelerated  WebGL . Enhancements have been made for better media experience like HTML 5 videos . Windows 7 and 8 Operating systems will get the IE 11 in the coming days .

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Highlights of the Windows 8.1 update–Power Button and more

Windows 8.1 featrues

Microsoft has announced yesterday Windows 8.1 ,the upcoming update for over 1.5 billion Windows 8 users world wide.  In a features briefing ,the media and participants got to know the key features of Windows 8.1. Microsoft plans to offer the update starting from April 8 this year. The update will be delivered via internet as like a service pack . You do nothing for it ,just wait . Head off to know the new features now ..

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Apple iOS6 users get Google Maps on Browser with Street View !

Web version of Google Maps offers Street view

Google has rolled out the most anticipated Google Maps –Web Version with Street View now. This Google update comes soon after the disappointment caused by Apple Maps and Obviously  Google targets the Apple iPhone users .

This new Google Map update is not a native iOS 6 app ,even though the users of iOS6 can breath some fresh air now ,as they can have full access to the standard Google Maps over their phone browsers . I have just tried the Google Maps in my Android Phone and felt pretty cool about the street views . Street view is not available for my country and there may be some folks like me ,wondering how to see the street view , Just  try “Los Angels” in the search box of  Google Maps. It is available for most of the world’s major cities ,mainly in US,Canada and Europe .

Google maps for Browser /Apple iPhone5 ios6

Google discontinues AdSense for Feeds

Google stops Adsense for RSS feeds

Google has sent notification emails for the AdSense publisher today ,stating that they are no longer supporting AdSense for Feeds. AdSense is a program from Google ,that helps the web site owners to make money(of course Google ! )by showing relevant ads for the content of the web site. AdSense falls into few categories like Image/Text Ad units,Ads on Custom Search and Ads for feeds . If a web site publisher, partnered with Google has enabled the AdSense for Feeds ,then the feeds will show advertisements and makes the publisher to earn a little income via user clicks . But ,I guess that due to the very low levels of ad conversion rates ,(users normally don’t pay much attention for ads within a RSS reader, mostly they are ad blinded ) ,Google has taken a decision to quit it .

Anyway ,It is a good news for the people who reads RSS feeds a lot ,no embarrassing ADs at all .

Bellow is the email sent by Google to the AdSense Publishers :


We’re contacting you because you’ve enabled AdSense for feeds in your AdSense account. After carefully evaluating the product, we’ve decided to retire AdSense for feeds.

Starting December 3, 2012, we’ll discontinue serving ads via AdSense for feeds on RSS feeds and you’ll no longer see feed units in your My ads tab. To check if you’re currently generating any revenue from AdSense for feeds, visit your “Products” performance report and look for recent data for “AdSense for feeds”.

Please note that reporting on your feed ad units will remain available following the product retirement. FeedBurner URLs powered by Google will continue to function, but will no longer serve ads. As a result, it won’t be necessary to redirect your subscribers to different URLs or to take any other action in your account. For more details please visit the AdSense Help Center.

Rest assured, this upcoming change won’t affect the availability of other AdSense products that you’re currently using.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience as we continue to develop new features and offerings within AdSense.

Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team

Ultra Books–Sales are expected to be very low

ultra book sales could be slightly down

The more hyped Ultrabooks ,which were expected to have a higher rate of market penetration in the upcoming days,believed to  perform low   . Next to the revolution of tablets ,Ultra Books were on the line to catch up the minds of consumers . But a recent research done by IHS iSupply ,a research firm reveals,that Ultra Book sales will be not much good as we expected  .

The research firm expected 22 million ultra books would be shipped worldwide in 2012; now the firm says that number will be 10.3 million, and most of those will be in the last quarter of this year.For 2013, IHS iSuppli had forecast shipments of 61 million ultrabooks; now, it says, it’s looking more like 44 million” NBCnews reported .

The reasons for the low expectation of the sales of Ultra Books are:

  1. Very high price –About $1,000 is   an issue when standard laptops still can be bought for much less, many of them budget-priced models at $400 and $500.
  2. Booming Tablet market – There are many tablets coming every day with innovative ideas
  3. Needs more innovation – Not much intuitive

For the time being ,let smart phones and tablets eat up the market !


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