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Losing Privacy on WhatsApp – You too Brutus ?

At Teckdiary we have already written many articles on privacy issues of  internet and exposed how the personal information is being used by internet giants and many governments .

WhatsApp user privacy data

Most of the services offered from USA like Google’s search,Gmail,Drive and Hotmail ,Yahoo etc collecting your personal information and sharing it with government agencies  in the name of national security .

In a  recent interview , creator of WhatsApp ,Mr.Koum said that his application never collects user data and he hates peeping into others’ personal life .

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Touch ID – Apple Vs Samsung S5 compared–Video

Iphone Versus Samsung Galaxy S 5 touch id compared

As a new trend in the mobile industry ,companies have been implementing the finger print scanner on the phones . Apple has led the way by releasing Apple 5C ,Apple  5S with touch ID .

Samsung has released Galaxy S5 with Finger print scanner ,that can do bit more advanced things . Apples recognizes your thumb by a single soft touch and immediately unlocks the phone ,allows you to log in to iTunes site.

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Touch id – Which performs better Apple or Samsung ?


Inbuilt fingerprint scanner ,is the latest add on ,that comes with mobile phones to attract the users . Apple’s latest phones iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S both have the finger print scanner hidden under the home button .

As usual ,Samsung has copied the idea (it’s not Apple’s own idea )and implemented a finger print scanner in it’s new Samsung Galaxy  S 5 too.

I have tried the Apple iPhone 5C ,the finger print recognition was simply superb . The phone is able to identify your finger(Thumb )and unlocks the phone . But I have got to know that Samsung S5’s finger print scanner underneath the home button needs a swipe to recognize your finger . Continue reading Touch id – Which performs better Apple or Samsung ?

Samsung Mobile – Gear – Whatsapp – Facebook ads -Techie is Back

I couldn’t update my many blogs in the recent months.I thought ,that technological advancements were over . I ended up with a bit of frustration some time ago from writing technical stuff. But the present days have been giving some hope .

We got MSN messenger , then we had yahoo Messenger ,Google offered Gtalk and many variations of it’s messenger ,then Skype debuted ,Facebook too offered it’s chat ,then the market became saturated .

Likewise ,we had a golden era of invention in the mobile industry Continue reading Samsung Mobile – Gear – Whatsapp – Facebook ads -Techie is Back

Bluetooth Smart Watch for Apple iOS revealed

blurtooth watch for iphone and ios cookoo watch

At  CES 2013, Cookoo Watch company has revealed a Bluetooth smart watch that can connect with your iPhone and bring you all the wanted notifications.

The watch can display notifications for:
– Incoming Calls
– Missed Calls
– Facebook Messages and Posts
– Calendar Reminders
– When a Smart Device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) is out of range
– When a Smart Device (iPhone, iPad, etc..) is low on Battery

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iPhone 5s–Debut in 1st Q of 2013–Proto Types are Ready !

Google maps on iPhone5

We had a clear vision about the iPhone5 before it debuted in the market and even before the official launch of it .This time the next device from Apple has started to fill the blogs and online gossips .Apple is rumored to have the trial production of Apple iPhone 5S ,in the factories now.

The iron walls of the Apple ,built and maintained by Steve Jobs seems to be melt and keeping a secret there is very hard for them these days .

DigiTimes relays a report coming from a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. In it, the Commercial Times claims that Apple will begin trial production of the iPhone 5S as early as December.

The paper then claims the iPhone 5S could enter volume production in the 1st quarter of 2013. If that were truly the case, the iPhone 5S could be be set to launch earlier than most have expected.

Macrumors  revealed .

We will come up with lot of news of Apple iPhone 5s ,stay tuned with us . @teckdiary

Apple Pays off $21 Million for the Clock design used in iPad

Apple Clock Swiss Railway 21 Million $

Working in the Tech industry by aligning  hundreds of aspects has never been much easier for anyone .

Apple offered a simple and beautiful Clock Application for it’s users via iOS 6 update free of charge ,but it was bit costly for  the company as $21 Million. Apple is very famous to suing other companies for patents . But when time comes worse ,Apple gets caught for the same cause . The clock design illustrated  here and used in iPad’s Clock App had been taken from Swiss Railway where they have this famous iconic clock in operation .Apple even failed to acknowledge the name of SBB in the app . After , Apple got notified by the Swiss Railway they have gone for a settlement of $21 Million and now Apple got the rights to use the design in all iPads and iPhones .

Last month SBB(Swiss Railway Operator ) announced it had reached a licensing deal that would allow Apple to use the design in iPads and iPhones, but didn’t disclose any details. Next time when you launch this app would know ,that how much it was costed to Apple !.

Walmart fires employees for throwing iPads in the store


Naughty employees of the famous Walmart stores in America had some fun time with the latest iPads inside the store . iPads have been transferred from place to place in throw and catch mode(since it is Apple ) . None of the devices have been broken as per the spokesperson there . The video footage of the incident taken by the employees has appeared on the Youtube and created a mayhem at Walmart ,consequently the employees involved in the naughty job have been fired by the company .

Video of Wallmart-Apple iPad Throw and Catch event

Watch the video but beware about the naught language used in

Source : PCmag

Finally iPhone’s Lightning Cable got duplicated–Just $9.00

apple iphone5 lightning calbe thirt party duplicate

It’s a quick heads up !

At last the Chinese people have won the battle ,found the way of   crafting Apple iPhone’s lightning cable . Apple installed some chips inside the cable in order to avoid duplication of the product and maintain the quality . But it lasted only for some time . A famous Chinese parts manufacturer(iPhone5Mod) had made the duplicate lightning cable and about to offer the half of the original cable’s price . While Apple currently offer the lightning cable for $19.00 ,the Chinese company is willing to offer for $9 and there will be USD 4 additional shipping charge if you want to get it in US.  After adding the shipping charges the new stuff comes closer to the original’s price .iPhone5Mod announced that they will start shipping the cables from November 2012 .

Source – BGR

iOS 6 tracks your activities on Apple devices–A guide to stop it !

How to stop Apple tracking me on my mobile !

iOS6 Apple tracks your privacy ?

Do you own the brand new Apple iPhone5 ? or have you updated your Apple device to iOS6 recently ?then you are under the observation of someone for good..iOS 6 is coming with a feature turned on called “ IFA” that stands for "identifier for advertisers " . Apple paves the way to track the buying behaviours of the customers through this technology .This is pretty same like the cookies used in computers to track the users . IFA is very simple set of information that contains your ad clicking patterns and the buying behaviours on the net  and send to the interested parties via your Apple iOS6 device .

How to Stop IFA in Apple devices ?

This is a privacy related setting,but Apple covertly put the on /off option under very irrelevant  section of settings in the phone/Apple device .

Ok ,here is the way  : Just got to "General," then "About," and then navigate to the "Advertising" section. From there, you need to to turn "Limit Ad Tracking" on.

Please note Apple doesn’t track any of your personal information via this IFA, so ,no need to panic a lot  .

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How to Fix iPhone 5 Camera–Official Tips from Apple

Iphone 5 camera issues and fix from apple

Guys ,we have heard  some issues about the new iPhone 5’s (and some 4s) camera few days back and here is the fix for that :

How to fix your iPhone 5,4S camera

  • You guys have complained that ,when you focus some brighter objects ,the iPhone5 camera produces a purple colour flare ,and Please avoid such purple flare in your shots by not shooting  in such angles ,where iPhone cam produces the Purple flare .

Please stop  finding me sarcastic , but it’s is Apple ,that has issued an official statement about the Purple flare appears in some shots of Apple iPhone’s camera ,Apple went on saying that it’s is very common in any generation of Apple Phone camera ,it does mean that the next generation  Apple iPhone and iProdcts too will have the same issues

Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some form of flare at the edge of the frame when capturing an image with out-of-scene light sources… Moving the camera slightly to change the position at which the bright light is entering the lens, or shielding the lens with your hand, should minimize or eliminate the effect. –Apple’s Support Forum

Source – Apple

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