Touch id – Which performs better Apple or Samsung ?


Inbuilt fingerprint scanner ,is the latest add on ,that comes with mobile phones to attract the users . Apple’s latest phones iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S both have the finger print scanner hidden under the home button .

As usual ,Samsung has copied the idea (it’s not Apple’s own idea )and implemented a finger print scanner in it’s new Samsung Galaxy  S 5 too.

I have tried the Apple iPhone 5C ,the finger print recognition was simply superb . The phone is able to identify your finger(Thumb )and unlocks the phone . But I have got to know that Samsung S5’s finger print scanner underneath the home button needs a swipe to recognize your finger .

Apple iPhone5C,S Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 -Finger print scanner

Apple’s scanner and the software have been collaborated perfectly and it functions faster ,without errors while Samsung S5 needed many tries to get the screen unlocked – found on beta testings .


The bloggers all around the world ,who have tried the Samsung Galaxy S5 report ,that the finger print scanner doesn’t seem to be a perfect one ,but the software runs on the device is at it’s very early stage .

Samsung will probably address this issue ,and you can expect an equally better scanner equipped phone soon .

.i-Phone 5s finger print scanner

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