Touch ID – Apple Vs Samsung S5 compared–Video

Iphone Versus Samsung Galaxy S 5 touch id compared

As a new trend in the mobile industry ,companies have been implementing the finger print scanner on the phones . Apple has led the way by releasing Apple 5C ,Apple  5S with touch ID .

Samsung has released Galaxy S5 with Finger print scanner ,that can do bit more advanced things . Apples recognizes your thumb by a single soft touch and immediately unlocks the phone ,allows you to log in to iTunes site.

Galaxy S5 needs you to swap your finger down on the scanner to recognize you . But Galaxy S 5 integrated Paypal sign in also with the touch id . You can unlock the phone ,sign in to Samsung account and log in to Paypal . Guess some more services will come soon with software updates to make use of finger print scanner  .

Some nice folks at has  posted a video ,where both the devices are compared . Enjoy the vide here .

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