Siri in Apple iPhone causes huge data usage–Networks struggle

iPhone Siri rocks

Siri is a new feature introduced exclusively in Apple iPhone-4s (some folks managed to get via a hack in Apple iPhone4) in October 2011.

Siri is a personal assistant in the iPhone which helps to control iPhone via voice commands. More similar to Voice Commands feature found in Android Phones like Galaxy S2.You can schedule a meeting ,call a person by telling his/her name, and text to someone – all can be done ,using your voice in Apple’s Siri environment .

The Practical Issue with Apple’s Siri

All the commands you give should go to the Apple’s web servers to get processed and return to your phone for the action(Android does the same ,using Google’s servers) . This process makes the data usage almost double comparing to the previous data usage records of the Apple iPhone 4 Owners and triple when you comparing with iPhone 3G a study reveals  .

Mobile Network Operators Change their Data Packages

Lot of mobile carriers in US struggle due to network loads occurred by the use of Apple’s Siri ,and they are fidning ways to control to run their services smoother . World’s largest mobile phone operator Vodafone ,has changed their data plans from flat rates to per use billing.

Apple is unique !

I try voice commands and dictating features in my Samsung Galaxy SII a lot. I know such features are available in Android based phones ,and Symbian with limitations .

But ,Like how Apple gave a rebirth to Tablets ,now Apple made the voice recognition a success again . Apple  knows how to stand out from the crowd .


This post is inspired by : writings of Jonathan Browning

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