Samsung seems to sue Apple for Next version of iPhone–using 4G/LTE patents


Watching Tech industry is becoming like  watching a thriller and adventurous movie day by day,thanks to Apple and Samsung both for interchanging arguments and filing lawsuits on each  others periodically .

Apple is rumored to unveil  a new ,next generation iPhone (presently known as iPhone 6) on 12th of September 2012. The phone is expected to come with a higher speed data connectivity called LTE but Samsung seems to have more patents of LTE use in a device . Tech analytics hope that Samsung will sue Apple for infringing its patents of LTE by putting them in Apple’s new device ,but you have to wait to see whether the new iPhone has LTE or not.  suggests ,that Apple already acquired enough rights of using LTE patents by buying small companies those  invented patents of LTE .

Apple reportedly owns 400+ patents of LTE while Samsung owns 700+ .

Lets wait for big bite !

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