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I couldn’t update my many blogs in the recent months.I thought ,that technological advancements were over . I ended up with a bit of frustration some time ago from writing technical stuff. But the present days have been giving some hope .

We got MSN messenger , then we had yahoo Messenger ,Google offered Gtalk and many variations of it’s messenger ,then Skype debuted ,Facebook too offered it’s chat ,then the market became saturated .

Likewise ,we had a golden era of invention in the mobile industry mainly contributed by Nokia ,and then Apple ,we had had it. The invention seemed to be stopped at a point of time or extremely slowed down  . We had seen Large screens ,more mega pixel cameras ,all conductivities ,long battery life ,intuitive mobile O/S like Apple and Android etc .But there were very little game changers in the market .

I lost interest on keep watching ,and stopped writing for some time . But the recent developments in the industry have fulled me up . I have tried whatsapp very hesitantly ,but the result was amazing. I thought there was no space for new  ideas in the  messenger industry. But lightning fast and intuitive whatsapp proved me wrong .

When ,I consider mobile hardware ,really a little space only seen in the area of development .But the accessories like wearable items ,and the appeal those get from the customers signals a clear growing trend in the industry .

Some Tech giants like Samsung ,Apple ,Facebook (the latest trends),Whatsapp have persuaded me to feel like writing back.

Finally I am back ,hope to come up with more interesting stories ,how to do tips . Expect the same support form technology partners like the old golden days .

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